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Stress-Free Move: 7 Helpful Tips to Make Relocation Less Stressful

Stress-Free Move: 7 Helpful Tips to Make Relocation Less Stressful

Relocation can be stressful when you don’t plan properly. Scouring for the best neighborhoods, finding a home, and setting up...
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Appliances You Should Unplug to Save Electricity and Some You Shouldn’t

Appliances You Should Unplug to Save Electricity and Some You Shouldn’t

You may have heard a lot about the importance of unplugging appliances to save energy. But you wonder which devices...
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Actionable Steps for Your Home to Prepare for a Power Outage

Actionable Steps for Your Home to Prepare for a Power Outage

Every summer, high temperatures bring peak energy demand. Since there is an added burden on the electricity grid, it is...
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Stress-Free Move: 7 Helpful Tips to Make Relocation Less Stressful

January 21,2021
by dmirza
boxes to depict a stress-free move

Relocation can be stressful when you don’t plan properly. Scouring for the best neighborhoods, finding a home, and setting up utilities can add to the frustration.

Especially if you move to another state, it can be exciting and intimidating.

Here are 7 ideas to ease the transition and help you make a stress-free move:

1.   Get a To-Do List

Carry a notebook or binder with you always, and add thoughts that pop into your mind. By jotting down these ideas, you can plan how to move stress-free, more efficiently. Items on this checklist may include disconnecting your utility services, canceling appointments, speaking to the movers, or asking friends for help.

2.   Accumulate Boxes

You will need a lot of newspapers, bubble wrap, and cardboard boxes. Use same-sized boxes to make sure they fit perfectly when you stack and load them into the vehicle. Protect valuable items and get them shipped separately to ensure a stress-free move.

3.   Pack a Single Room at One Time

Tackles once space in your home at one time. If there are unopened boxes from your last relocation, discover what’s hidden and if you need it now. Give everything adequate attention – from little trinkets to knickknacks to furniture. Packing them one by one will reduce the burden.

4.   Purge Unnecessary Things

If you travel with all the clutter in your closet, it doesn’t make for a stress-free move. Keep the essentials, indispensables, and things with sentimental value. Sort the other stuff into three categories: donate, discard, and sell. Items in good condition but no longer of use to you go into the donate pile, and you can throw away those that are far gone. Sell high-worth items online.

5.     Ensure Budget Tracking

Find out if you can save money while moving. If you are moving for professional reasons or you have a small business, you may claim tax deductions on your moving expenses. Use the moving binder to track how much you are spending.

6.   Research Family-Friendly Places

If possible, visit the city or suburb where you are moving to familiarize yourself with the locality. But with modern technology, it is easy to learn all about uncharted territories from the comfort of your home. Learn all you can on how to move stress-free, through Google, like locating the DMV, entertainment spots, etc.

7.     Set Up Utilities Soon

Cable and the internet can wait, but water, gas, and electricity are the main connections you should have when you move. In Texas’ deregulated market, electricity providers offer competitive prices. However, not all companies have the same type of plans with the same rates.

For some plans, you should provide details like proof of address and social security number. Some require credit verification and an initial deposit. Understand various electricity plans and have a stress-free move.

Whether you plan to move to Houston, Dallas, or any other part of Texas, we have plenty of affordable electricity plans from various providers. Shop for low-rate electricity plans now.

Appliances You Should Unplug to Save Electricity and Some You Shouldn’t

January 20,2021
by dmirza
electrical plug to depict unplugging appliances to save energy

You may have heard a lot about the importance of unplugging appliances to save energy. But you wonder which devices or electronics around the house you should remove from the outlet.

You are not sure if you should turn off and unplug the refrigerator. If you do, things won’t stay as fresh when you return home.

So, here is a general idea of which elements to unplug or switch off.

Unplugging Appliances to Save Energy and Prevent Fire Hazards

Cost savings and energy conservation are the only reasons to disconnect things. Power fluctuations can result in fatal electrical fires in homes, which you can avoid by keeping them unplugged when not in use.

So, to stop wasting energy, unplug these electrical items:

Energy Vampires

Vampire appliances are those that drain electricity even when you switch them off but leave them plugged in. They contribute to phantom load bills, equal to almost 23% of the total energy consumption.

These devices and electronics are phone and laptop charges and entertainment devices like game consoles, TV units, DVR, etc. Remove them from the electrical sockets immediately after charging to 100% or when switching them off.

Or, if you use power strips or surge protectors, you can use them to turn off many devices at once. You don’t have to unplug these large energy hogs.

Kitchen Appliances

Dishwasher, fridge, and oven: these are the three things that you may use the most.  However, you shouldn’t be unplugging these appliances to save energy. You should not unplug even stoves and ranges because they do practically nothing when turned off.

Your fridge may use a little bit of power as it preserves and cools the food. But they all come in-built with concealed plugs that consume near-to-zero watts of electricity.

Things to unplug in the kitchen are small appliances like the blender, high-tech toaster, food processor, coffee maker, microwave, etc. In short, anything that has a digital display should be unplugged.


You should disconnect your desktop computer, monitor, laptop, printer, scanner, modem, or anything connected to these elements after use.

Turn them off every night and when they are not in active use. It means making a habit of unplugging appliances to save energy and not leaving them in standby mode.

You will also be protecting them from significant damage against power surges and short-circuiting. One more thing you can do to save the planet and your pocket is to buy ENERGY STAR-rated electronics and appliances.

Even if you unplug or switch off all the above as recommended, your bills may still be on the higher side if you stick to your current electricity plan.

Switch to a different provider or energy plan that offers lower rates. Compare electricity prices on Shop Texas Electricity now!

Actionable Steps for Your Home to Prepare for a Power Outage

January 19,2021
by dmirza
text how to prepare for a power outage

Every summer, high temperatures bring peak energy demand. Since there is an added burden on the electricity grid, it is essential to prepare for a power outage.

Hot weather, coupled with heavy winds and hurricane season, threatens the reliability of the energy system. Not to mention, even short-lived blackouts can put a damper on business and home activities.

So, here are some power outage tips and tricks to help you and your home get through such sudden events:

1.   Have an Alternative Water Supply

The regular water supply gets interrupted due to a blackout, as the local systems rely on electricity.

Particularly for business owners and people living in apartments, things can get a bit complicated. For this reason, it is better to be proactive and anticipate situations like blackouts.

Firstly, ensure to get a water tank and keep it full at all times.

Secondly, your fridge may be off for a few hours, and the food may go stale. So, you should prepare for a power outage by stocking up on durable food items like canned products.

2.   Keep the Home Interior Comfortable

Blackouts can happen at any time of the year. If they occur during the colder months, your home interior will not be warm enough.

Similarly, summer blackouts in a hot region like Texas can become unbearable. Hence, keep your home interior at desired levels based on the season.

Find ways to produce power at home with diesel backup generators or solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. However, if there is no sun due to cloudy weather, the solar backup won’t work.

With this in mind, choose options that come with electricity storage capacity. Accordingly, you can keep them charged beforehand and use energy at all times.

Furthermore, you can save a lot on winter heating bills with extra insulation, storm windows, etc.

3.   Prepare for a Power Outage with Rechargeable Lights

You may need to go out for medical supplies during emergencies. But since there is limited visibility, movement may get restricted.

Although there are traditional modes of lighting, such as kerosene, they may be dangerous to use around pets and kids. Besides, they release harmful chemicals, which can be fatal in a closed environment.

Therefore, one of the most useful power outage tips and tricks is to use rechargeable options.

Get emergency lights, LED flashlights, solar-powered lights, and rechargeable batteries. Regardless of the situation, you can use LED light fixtures and lower your monthly energy bills.

Moreover, keep a first-aid kit and essential medicine hand. These can prevent you from going outside for basic things. Likewise, have a disaster preparedness checklist with many more blackout hacks.

These tips are only helpful in certain situations to prepare for a power outage. But you can limit your consumption and strengthen the grid throughout the year.

Compare low-rate energy plans in your service location on the Shop Texas Electricity website.

Winter Electric Bills: Why Are They So High & What You Can Do

January 15,2021
by dmirza
plug with text that says how to lower your winter electric bills

Every year, you find yourself surprised or even shocked as you look at your winter electric bills. Even as you wonder why the bill is so high, you know where to place the blame: your heating system.

When you desire a comfortable living environment at your home, it is no wonder that the heating costs shoot up. But it is possible to lower your winter bill with some energy-saving habits. The key is to know how to do that and improve your home’s comfort and energy-efficiency.

Colder Months See High Heating Needs

As the temperatures drop, you are home a lot more, and to keep yourself warm in winter, you turn up the heating systems.

Electric Furnace

If you live in one of those older homes, you may be using an electric furnace. These heating systems use almost 5000 watts, and running them for around half the day for the better part of winter will spike up the bill. Learn how to make your old home more energy-efficient with easy upgrades and see the bill amounts drop.

Water Heater

Water heating bills can make up as much as 18% of your total winter electric bill. If it runs continuously to maintain a 120-degree water temperature, it can get you an additional bill of $1 per day. Wrap an insulation jacket around the pipes to improve heat retention, or buy an energy-efficient water heater.

Space Heater

One of the best energy-saving habits to try this winter is to bulk up on the attic insulation. Instead of putting a strain on your space heater that consumes massive amounts of power, try layering up even when you are home. Install storm windows and get a professional to inspect the overall property thoroughly for leaks or cracks.

Clothes Dryer

Your clothes dryer consumes more energy during the winter. Obviously, air-drying may not be an option, but you can try other tips like tossing in a dry towel with the wet laundry. It will keep the clothes warm and circulating. Also, remember to clean out the lint filter after every use to reduce your winter electric bill.


If you have an old model thermostat, replace it with a programmable version. Smart thermostats help you control the home energy usage with specific settings for various times of the day. When you are asleep or away, they switch off automatically.

Cut Your Winter Electric Bills in Half with the Right Energy plan

No one likes to open their mail and see high energy bills – even it happens every year. Perhaps it is time to change this pattern. Switch to a low-rate power plan and save on your winter electric bills.

Compare rates from reputed providers in your service area. Find cheap energy plans on the Shop Texas Electricity website.

10 Tips to Improve Small Business Energy Efficiency

January 14,2021
by dmirza
image depicting small business energy plans

A significant chunk of small business expenses goes to paying energy bills. Adopting energy-efficient practices and small business energy plans is the ideal way to reduce your expenditure.

Small Texas businesses have the potential to save energy without compromising comfort and quality services. The amount spent on monthly energy bills depends on the size of your commercial property, location, and the nature of your business.

It is worth comparing small business energy plans using the platforms like Shop Texas Electricity. Here you can conveniently choose from a wide selection of light companies with attractive offers that encourage business savings.

Listed here are ten useful tips to save energy, and in turn, save the environment:

Unplug Office Equipment When Not In Use

Computers, printers, and photocopiers are essential office equipment. Each consumes loads of energy during working hours. You can minimize this consumption by switching off and unplugging these gadgets when they lie idle. Turn them back on only when you need their services.

Keep Tabs On Photocopier Usage

Encourage your staff to use the photocopier machine in batches, so there is scope to turn it off during working hours. Since this equipment is heavy on electricity, place it in a separate area with natural airflow. It minimizes the need for air conditioning.    

Avoid Unnecessary Printing to Save More on Small Business Energy Plans

When you need to print a document, you end up using resources like paper and electricity. Keep your printing to the minimum by depending more on soft copies.

Enable Energy-Saving Features

Latest gadgets come with several energy-saving features. You can turn them on to reduce your electricity consumption drastically. Besides relying on affordable small business energy plans,this feature guarantees more savings.

Monitor Heating 

While heating enclosed spaces and water supply to your office premises, maintain desired temperatures, and set appropriate timers to avoid wastage. Any obstruction in front of ducts and radiators cuts proper circulation. So, keep those areas clear.

Also, insulate valves, pipes, and hot water tanks to prevent the heat from escaping. Reduce the chances of hot air from seeping out through cavities in walls and roof spaces.  

Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

You must display easy to understand instructions on individual cooling units and keep remote controls handy. Educate your staff, so they remain alert and keep temperatures in check always.

Shut Exit Points

You can get a considerable reduction in energy bills if you close doors while your cooling or heating system is running. It pays to avoid turning on such units when the room you are supplying with hot or cool air is unoccupied.

Examine Lighting

Rely on natural light and install energy-efficient LED lights as much as possible to save the most on your small business energy plans. Besides consuming less energy, LEDs last longer and have an increased light output.

Turning off the lights when not in use, and keeping your shades and bulbs clean, serves your purpose well. Energy-efficient blinds and shades keep cool air out in the winter and protect your staff from the scorching sun in the hot summer.

Go Green

A touch of greenery in your office space, besides being visually appealing, also absorbs pollutants. These natural air purifiers efficiently contribute towards your small business energy plans. They can reduce your dependence on artificial purification.

Invest in Smart Devices

Smart thermostats automatically offer proper temperature settings. On the other hand, advanced power strips completely shut off the energy supply to your electronic devices when not needed. Installing both considerably reduces your monthly energy expense.

Promote sustainable business operations and encourage your employees to prioritize socially responsible initiatives.

Save on Energy Bills with This Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

January 13,2021
by dmirza
picture of windmills and flowers depicting save on energy bills in spring

Once the cold weather passes, it’s time to undertake seasonal maintenance of your home and save on energy bills that you amped up during the winter.

The Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

You can lower your utility bills and make your home more energy efficient by executing the following guidelines:

Examine Attic Insulation

It is a known fact that if your attic is not properly insulated, a large percentage of your home’s energy will escape. With time, attic insulation decreases. So, if you have not checked it in a while, you must now.

Appropriately Program Your Thermostats

With programmable thermostats, you can further reduce your energy usage even when you select affordable electricity plans. Hence, when you gear up for warmer weather, program your thermostats appropriately.

Clean Tanks to Save on Energy Bills

Flushing hot water tanks annually help remove all the sediments that settle on the base. Water contains chlorine and sulfur. They leave their residue at the bottom of the tank, wearing out the elements within. Hence, fully functional tanks aid your efforts to save on energy bills.

Replace Air Filters to Save Energy Bills

Your HVAC systems function more efficiently with unrestricted airflow. Replacing air filters regularly is essential. But, if you have pets or someone in your family suffers from respiratory or allergic complications, it becomes imperative.

Seal Cavities

As you plan to save on energy bills, look at cavities present in your doors, roof, windows, walls, and attic openings, releases the cool air you need in spring and summer. Sealing these gaps and cracks prevents draughts of hot outdoor air from coming in and maintains the ideal temperature inside.

Inspect Refrigerators

Wiping down the dust build-up on the rear coils of your refrigerator allows your fridge to function to its optimum. Refrigerators consume much of your home’s energy, so ensure the doors provided are tightly sealed to prevent cool air from escaping.

Assess the Functioning of Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units bring respite from the heat and keep your utility bills checked when they function at their optimum. Get rid of fallen leaves, dust, dirt, and other debris from within and around these units. This way, they do not struggle to cool your home.

Sift through affordable plans and save on energy bills on Shop Texas Electricity to fulfill your energy needs.

How to Use Your Free Nights Electricity Plan the Right Way?

January 12,2021
by dmirza
text that says free nights electricity plan

Texas electricity providers offer various affordable and convenient options to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Some of their promotions include a free nights electricity plan.

Whether you choose first-month free electricity or free nights and weekends electricity plans, you can significantly lower your bills. But it is crucial to utilize these free power hours wisely. Otherwise, you may end up paying more.

So, here is how to make the most of these plans:

Get the Best Decorations in the Neighborhood

Be it the New Year’s Eve or a backyard wedding reception party hosted for your close friends, lighting decorations are a top priority. Even a simple gathering in your outdoor kitchen can come alive with bright and colorful energy-saving LEDs.

You cut down costs on lighting with free nights electricity plans. You can upgrade your home security systems with motion-sensors lights, video monitors, night vision cameras, etc.

Furthermore, you can take up expensive hobbies that consume high amounts of power. You can even prepare sweet goodies for your family after work.

Save More Greens with Green Options

If you are an eco-conscious Texan, you may already have an electric car. Its energy consumption will be high. For instance, it can cost around $9 to charge a 66-kWh battery fully.

You can plug it in at night since you get free power. As a result, you can save this amount and splurge it on other important things, such as a surprise weekend getaway.

Even if you don’t own an EV (electric vehicle), you may own several electronic gadgets. Accordingly, refill the battery of your laptop, smartphone, or power bank in the free energy duration.

Stay Warm at All Times with a Free Nights Electricity Plan

Winter is all about layering up and snuggling in your bed, wrapped in the thickest blanket you can find. But when you wake up in the night and visit the washroom, all hell breaks loose. As soon as you get up from the bed, the floor feels as cold as ice, and you take a quick jump back.

However, when you can heat all rooms with the first-month free electricity, you don’t need to worry about lightening your wallet.

In the same way, why not soak in the hot tub and beat those winter blues? In addition, you can get an electric pool heater to improve blood circulation.

Do Late Night Dishes and Laundry

Use your free nights electricity plan to reduce the burden of household chores.

As you know, dirty dishes and soiled clothes have a way of piling up whether you share a house with friends or live with family. Besides, you may be tracking turns to finish the job during the busy days.

With free power at your leisure time, get to the tasks more comfortably while watching a TV series or cozying up by the fireplace. Toss in the biggest loads ever as you sleep through the night and relish the off-peak hours rates.

Find the most reliable electric providers and free nights electricity plans in your location on Shop Texas Electricity.

Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping for Electricity Rates in Texas

January 11,2021
by dmirza
image with text electricity rates in texas

As such, navigating through the electricity rates in Texas can be confusing for a layperson. On top of that, there are regulations changes, rulings that differ from one place to another, and scores of providers which makes the selection trickier.

So, if you make a mistake when looking for the best electricity rates in Texas, you aren’t alone.

Since Texas electricity markets opened in 2002, many providers have entered the arena. Each offers a multitude of plans and benefits. While it may be overwhelming to choose the best one, you can still make the most of your purchase. Just avoid the mistakes mentioned below.

Not Comparing Variable and Fixed Electricity Rates in Texas

Fixed and variable plans are two options when looking for the best electricity rates in Texas. Choose the right one as per your monthly usage and needs. But, understand them first.

Fixed Plans: With a fixed-rate plan, your energy bills will remain locked in for the entire term of your contract, even if the market prices drop. Texas electricity companies offer fixed plans for 6, 12, or 24 months. But, they may charge an early termination fee if you switch your provider before the contract expires.

Variable Rates: As the name suggests, variable-rate plans fluctuate according to the overall market prices. The providers determine these prices based on demands, weather, distribution system, fuel prices, etc. The plans offer flexibility, as you are not locked into an agreement. But, you may have to bear the grunt of high-demand seasons when prices shoot up.

Not Knowing Your Monthly Usage

Though you have two options to get affordable electricity rates in Texas, estimating your monthly usage is essential. The energy retailers list their prices for 2000 kWh per month, but per kWh rates may differ if your usage is 500 or 1000 kWh every month.

You may even have to pay a minimum usage charge if your consumption is below the specified monthly threshold. So, understand and assess your consumption before shopping around for the best rates.

Not Comparing Several Electricity Providers

With deregulation, Texans have many choices to pick the most affordable electricity plans. But, making a hasty decision may cost you hundreds of dollars extra per month.

Take proper time to study and compare electricity rates available in your area on a platform like Shop Texas Electricity. It offers price comparisons for all the providers in a specific geography. Then, obtain bids from at least three retail energy providers to pick the right one.

Not Reading the EFL Carefully

Sometimes, consumers choose a variable plan but fail to read the EFL carefully. The plan’s electricity facts label (EFL) offers details like the plan’s name, type (fixed or variable), duration or term, price per kWh, delivery charges, and introductory rate if any. It can help you understand electricity rates in Texas.

You must read between EFL’s fine print because it defines the terms of your contract with the electricity company. The Texas Right of Recession gives you three business days from its receipt in your mail. Hence, you can reconsider your electricity contract with any retail energy provider in the state.

If you are in a dilemma, check out various energy rates and plans on Shop Texas Electricity and find the best one for your needs.

Ways to Reduce Energy Waste: Habits to Avoid from This Moment

January 7,2021
by dmirza
image depicting ways to reduce energy waste

No one wants to increase their energy bills deliberately. But sometimes, everyone is guilty of wasting electricity at their home unknowingly.

The first step in energy conservation is choosing a low-rate electricity plan for your needs. If you are unhappy with your high power bills, you have the option to switch. Being a Texas consumer means you have the right to select an electricity provider.

Compare various energy plans and rates in your service area on the Shop Texas Electricity platform.

Even after that, following these ways to reduce energy waste:

Ways to Reduce Energy Waste – Quit These Habits Now!

Regardless of the size and style of your house, saying goodbye to these habits can save a lot of energy:

Leaving Your Lights on

LEDs and CFLs are some of the most energy-efficient lighting options in modern times. Besides, they consume less power than traditional models. However, if you leave them on for long, you will be underestimating the amount of electricity they spend. So, make it a point to turn the lights off when you don’t need them.

Not Using Smart Heating Solutions

Among the ways to reduce energy waste, make some modifications to your water heater thermostat or the older device that warms your home. If the water heater is set over 120 degrees, it drains power; so, drop the temperature and lower your bills. Likewise, use a smart thermostat and program with varying levels for different rooms and purposes.

Overusing the Refrigerator or Opening It Often

If there are warm items in the refrigerator, they take more time to cool. Similarly, your freezer will work overtime if you place hot water in the ice cube trays. Therefore, let hot items come back to room temperature before storing them in the fridge.

Many people get midnight cravings and keep checking what they have stored in the fridge. Aside from the fact that consuming calories at such a time can affect your health, such energy wasting habits drive up the bills.

Opening and closing the door often a day can cause heat loss and reduced performance. Hence, avoid these “drive-by” snacking and stick to eating at particular times.

Forgetting Your HVAC Unit’s Needs

Even for a new heating and cooling system, you should replace the filters after a few months of use. Otherwise, you have decreased indoor comfort and improper air circulation. People are forgetful of this seemingly easy task, reducing the efficiency of the HVAC unit. Also, if you don’t need to heat or cool two or three rooms, close the vents in those areas to get significant energy savings.

Take Action Now and Save Energy

Besides the above ways to reduce energy waste, use air-dry settings for the dishwasher and cold water to do your laundry. Also, run the dishwasher and clothes washer-dryer on full loads. 

Use power strips to connect several appliances, and shut them off all at once to prevent vampire electricity loss. Choose an ideal electricity plan for your home needs and watch the monthly utility bills go down.

Whole House Brownout Protection: How to Protect Your Home

January 6,2021
by dmirza
picture depicting power outage and whole home brownout protection

Power surges, brownouts, and blackouts are some of the electrical problems that homeowners face due to voltage fluctuations.

A brownout is more common and also more dangerous. Such a temporary lack of power at your home or even damage some equipment permanently.

Before you know how to achieve whole house brownout protection, you should understand some crucial things.

What Is a Brownout?

If you are confused about brownout vs. blackout, here is a short explanation. Blackouts occur during natural disasters like hurricanes and are rare events.

Brownouts can be the result of a system-wide power drop in your area. It can occur when electrical companies decide to lower the supply to reduce the power grid burden.

It may also happen if there is an issue with the home electrical system, such as faulty wiring, improper use of electricals, and overloading circuits.

Whether deliberate or not, brownouts can overheat specific electrical components in your home and start a fire. Motors, HVAC units, computers, and furnaces are among some of the things that are vulnerable to brownouts.

Power sags are not so dangerous and are the most common of the three. Dimming or flickering of lights for a few seconds when you switch on multiple appliances at once is an example of an energy sag.

Best Tips for Whole House Brownout Protection

To counteract the sudden voltage drops, homeowners can try:

Installing a UPS

Perhaps you have seen UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply devices hooked to computers at the office. They can offer protection for your at-home equipment, too. They maintain a uniform flow of energy and voltage even during power fluctuations.

Hence, when a brownout happens, you have a steady stream of regular power. Another benefit of using a UPS is that you can save and restore critical information on your computer files.

Buy Under-Voltage Relays

Electronic under-voltage monitoring relays are devices that protect sensitive equipment like computers against brownouts. They have contacts that detect voltage drops and short-circuit faults and operate by turning off the connected machines.

They offer motor protection by preventing it from drawing higher currents. Thus, you can increase the longevity of these elements and avoid electrical fires in your home.

Use Power Strips

No matter the debate, brownout vs. blackout, or simple energy savings, power strips are an ideal investment to save your devices. Also called surge protectors, they can keep your expensive electronics from getting destroyed due to low voltage. They even work in the time of a high voltage supply.

Furthermore, they offer the added comfort of switching off several connected devices at once. So, as you retire to bed every night, you no longer have to worry whether you turned off the video game console, DVD player, TV, etc.

In addition to trying these whole house brownout protection solutions, you can also reach out to your electricity provider for more tips. At Shop Texas Electricity, we have valuable resources that help with your home energy needs.


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