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List of Places You Can Keep Cool During the Houston Heat Wave

List of Places You Can Keep Cool During the Houston Heat Wave

As you brace yourself for the Houston heat wave, your safety and those you care about must take priority. When...
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5 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel Without Overspending

5 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel Without Overspending

Renovating your residential structure gives it a refreshingly new look and feel. A green home remodel need not be an...
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Tips to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Electric Bills This Summer

Tips to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Electric Bills This Summer

Every year, as summer hits, Texans have to deal with another issue - rising HVAC costs. With rising air conditioning...
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List of Places You Can Keep Cool During the Houston Heat Wave

July 26,2021
by Ayesha Saini
stay cool in this houston heat wave

As you brace yourself for the Houston heat wave, your safety and those you care about must take priority. When you cannot avoid spending long stretches in the sun, frequent shady breaks become a necessity.

Luckily, Houston cool finds provide a safe retreat to beat the heat outside your home. These family-friendly destinations with a host of fun activities appeal to all age groups and above all, keep you cool.

Places To Escape the Houston Heat Wave

Houston witnesses extreme heat as summer peaks and demands you hydrate and refrain from strenuous activity. In summer, you desire refreshing cool weather more than ever.

The listed places serve as a welcome getaway from such unbearably hot conditions:

Space Center Houston

This center’s cool environment offers exciting tours suitable for the entire family. While here, you and your kids discover more about the space world. There are fun activities and an exclusive space place for kids to amuse themselves. The space center’s theaters also screen relevant movies for your viewing pleasure.  

Hermann Park Conservancy

Considering entry to Hermann Park is free, it is an attractive low-cost getaway from the heat wave. Its bridges, waterfalls, and lake where you can splash around in a rented paddleboat are so inviting in summer. What adds to the cooling appeal of this conservancy park is its Japanese garden that houses beautiful exotic plants.

Kemah Boardwalk

Located on the heavenly waterfront, Kemeh Boardwalk is not far from downtown Houston. All year round, some festival or event is on for you and your family to enjoy. Besides, the amusement rides, games, shops, and restaurants will entertain you. For a reasonable price, you can source all-day passes to access unlimited rides.

Williams Waterwall

An iconic Houston landmark is the Williams man-made falls in a horseshoe shape. This seven-story high waterwall looks splendid as it releases almost 11,000 gallons of water each minute. The resultant cooling mist you experience while here saves you from enduring the dreadful heat wave.

Discovery Green

The Discovery Green 12-acre park has a very central location making it easy to access.  Its mist tree, Gateway fountain, indoor activities, restaurants, and cooling lake, are what make it a deserving Houston cool find. There is even a dog park here where your pet can cool off and stay active.

Houston also offers some underground entertainment in downtown tunnels that provide cool comfort. Even at 20 feet below ground level, you have access to six miles of retail shops, movie theaters, and restaurants.

Take your pick from the above list of fascinating and cooling getaways and head over there with family and friends. For respite from inflating utility bills, scan the Shop Texas Electricity site and choose a plan that encourages savings.

5 Ways to Plan an Eco-Friendly Home Remodel Without Overspending

July 1,2021
by Ayesha Saini
home remodel

Renovating your residential structure gives it a refreshingly new look and feel. A green home remodel need not be an expensive affair. It can help you save money in the long term by earning you tax rebates or potential grants.

Green contractors focus on making your home more sustainable and energy-efficient. An eco-friendly remodel increases the value of your living space and allows you to lead a healthier existence.

Eco-Friendly Home Remodel

Thorough planning that covers every tiny detail is necessary before commencing a project to this effect. Listed here are five guidelines that give life to your dream of creating an energy-efficient space without overspending:

Conduct an Energy Audit

A home energy audit identifies areas that contribute to excess wastage and when undertaken by a qualified auditor, offers recommendations. The latter includes suggestions to the effect of fixing air leaks, adding more insulation, and similar strategies to conserve energy.

By using tested techniques an energy auditor can detect gas line leaks, ventilation issues, air leakages, and lack of insulation. Your home remodel exercise must address these existing concerns. If not, it will be a pointless waste of your time, effort, and expenditure.

Focus On What Needs Immediate Attention

You will have a reasonable budget to conform to while attempting to remodel your home. In the absence of a limited budget, you may be able to achieve most of your intended green renovation plans.

Or else, identify the aspects that need your immediate attention, those that allow for compromises, and drop what seems unnecessary. Have clear priorities before you begin discussions with a potential contractor.

Use Space Optimally

Your home remodel is bound by the space you currently have to workaround. An experienced contractor will assess your square footage and come up with ideas that create spaces for a dual purpose. 

Expanding your existing territory ends up hiking your heating and cooling costs. An eco-friendly remodel is one that conserves resources and generates less waste while in process.

Identify an Eco-Contractor

A contractor who shares your passion to preserve the environment can make your vision come to life. Also, do some research on his or her credentials and the outcome of similar projects undertaken in the past. Obviously, their extensive knowledge, transparent communication, and clear vision help seal the deal. 

Be Open to Recycling and Reusing

Instead of adding to landfills by discarding old fixtures, carpets, and cabinets, donate what you no longer need. Another reason, incorporating antique articles and those made from repurposed material lends character to your remodeled home. For instance, then you can lay pieces of dug-up tiles and bricks in your backyard to serve as a pathway.

Support your green remodeling plans by opting for an energy provider listed on Shop Texas Electricity offering reasonable rates. 

Tips to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Electric Bills This Summer

June 15,2021
by dmirza
summer electric bills

Every year, as summer hits, Texans have to deal with another issue – rising HVAC costs. With rising air conditioning electric bills, you can take some proactive steps to avoid it.

Timely tips like upgrading your windows and ensuring proper insulation can boost the effectiveness of your AC.

Here are some other ways to reduce summer air conditioning electric bills:

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Set your AC as high as you want for maximum comfort but use a smart thermostat with different settings when you are away or asleep. You can even use different settings when you are away. This way, you can decrease your cooling bills by almost 10%.

If the difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures is smaller, electricity consumption will be lower.

When you return home when it is too hot, don’t immediately crank up the AC to below-normal settings. It won’t cool down the home any faster but uses up more energy.

Run Ceiling or Pedestal Fans

Ceiling, tabletop, pedestal, wall-mounted, attic vent fans, or any other circulating fans can reduce the burden on your AC. They decrease the air conditioning electric bills and keep you almost seven degrees cooler.

Using these fans along with your AC at a high setting can create a wind-chill effect that disperses cool air throughout a room.

Adding one fan in each room makes you feel comfortable for more time. But always remember to turn the fans off when you leave a room or if no one is using them.

Replace HVAC Filters To Save Air Conditioning Electric Bills

You have looked up how to reduce electric bills for AC and bought energy-efficient equipment. But its maintenance also plays a big role in increasing your summer utility bills.

When the AC filters clog up, the units struggle to work at their full capacity. Especially after winter and spring, the filters gather dirt, debris, leaves, and pollen. For central cooling systems, floor registers, condenser coils, vents, and the evaporator are the most affected areas.

If you leave them unchecked, you face high air conditioning electric bills in summer. Replace or clean the filters once a month, as needed. As a result, your AC energy consumption will decrease by 5-15%.

Prevent Indoor Heat Buildup

If you are grilling some delicacies in the kitchen and wondering how to reduce electric bills for AC, taking the BBQ outside may be the answer.

Using a microwave, oven, stovetop, water heater, dishwasher, and laundry machines generates a lot of heat. While you cannot totally forgo their usage, try to limit them or find other ways to prevent high air conditioning electric bills.

For instance, take cold showers, cook outside, or use the low-heat setting while washing dishes. Likewise, air-dry washed clothes out in the sun. Or, do these activities after the sunset, when it is much cooler. Besides, use reflective curtains, blinds, or drapes as window treatments and escape the blazing sun.

Review Your Electricity Plan to Lower Air Conditioning Electric Bills

If you have been doing all the above year after year, but there is no use – it is time to switch your energy plan. With the right electricity plan, you can say goodbye to shocking air conditioning electric bills.

Explore the right product for your home today on Shop Texas Electricity.

How to Reduce Standby Power Consumption with Power Strips

June 3,2021
by Ayesha Saini
power strips

Devices that consume energy despite switching them off are electronic vampires. With smart power strips, you can reduce such wastage and lower your monthly energy bill. These strips disable the power supply to connected devices when not in use.

Increasing dependence on electronic appliances demands you discourage wasteful energy consumption. As a result, you can reduce standby power consumption even when your devices remain plugged into electrical outlets by connecting them to smart strips.

Traditional Vs. Smart Power Strips

Standby power drain greatly contributes to your daily energy use. Thus, limiting such wasteful depletion becomes necessary. Again, traditional strips protect your devices from an electrical surge but, fail to address the standby mode energy usage.

Their smart counterparts can detect devices on standby mode and promptly cut off their power supply. This strategy has a dual benefit as it reduces your energy usage and decreases your utility bills.

Intelligent Switching Mechanism Conserves Energy

All power strips provide several outlets thereby, allowing you to connect many devices. Some latest strips are even fitted with motion detectors that disconnect power on sensing an absence of movement. Infrared sensors help achieve such precision within a defined timeframe.

A smart power strip can differentiate between outlets that need a regular power supply and those that do not. As a result, this ensures devices on standby mode do not unnecessarily drain energy. Smart strips, by all means accurately sync your electronic devices and their corresponding power outlets.

Achieving Reduction In Standby Power Consumption

Usage of power strips can bring your standby power consumption down provided you use the smart variety. In addition, recognizing which smart strip to choose from among those available is essential.

Here are some handy guidelines to make an accurate selection:

Assess Compatibility of Detection Method

Smart strips that use USB cables for standby mode detection are not always effective. Besides, the computer devices you attach to the power strip invariably carry on powering those same USB ports. Again, this continues even on cutting power supply to the relevant device.

Likewise, a motion detector smart strip although ideal for lamps could backfire for your computer. If you walk away leaving your system idle for a bit, the power strip will shut it down erasing unsaved work. Thus, connect only those devices compatible with the strip’s detection method to reduce standby power consumption.

Adjust Voltage Sensitivity

Your smart power strip should automatically shut down devices on standby mode. So when this fails to happen, adjust your strip’s voltage sensitivity. This control feature ensures your power strip functions effectively.

Plug your most used devices into your smart power strip. Combining this move with a relook at your current energy plan enhances your savings. The Shop Texas Electricity platform has affordable deals worth evaluating.

How to Install Programmable Thermostat to Save Money and Why?

May 19,2021
by Ayesha Saini
programmable thermostat

Heating and cooling expenses largely contribute to your monthly outgoings. Installing a programmable thermostat to save money also conserves precious energy. Once you configure it to your preference, this thermostat relieves you of making constant manual adjustments.

The conveniences of energy-efficient thermostat settings are hard to resist. In summers you can return home to a comfortable setting by activating your cooling device in time for your arrival. Thanks to programmable thermostats, you no longer have to remember to turn off your heating and cooling appliances before exiting.

Upgrade to Programmable Thermostats and Save Money

Customizing the heating and cooling of your space to meet your needs becomes effortless with a programmable thermostat. The installation process might slightly differ depending on the model you source.

For your reference, listed here are the basic steps you must execute to correctly install a programmable thermostat:

Remove Your Old Thermostat

First, disconnect the power and then remove the thermostat cover. On locating the wires, disconnect each one from the furnace and immediately label them to identify what goes where.

You can use the labeling supplies included in the new programmable thermostat to save money kit. After removing the old thermostat’s body, spread out the wires to keep them from retracting into the wall cavity.

Fix the New Thermostat

Take the base of your programmable thermostat, hold it straight, and mark the wall through its mounting holes. Drill holes for mounting, feed, and screw the wires into position through the thermostat’s base.

Attach labeled wires to corresponding terminals visible on the base by carefully following wiring instructions. To achieve energy-efficient thermostat settings that reduce drafts, fill gaps around the wires with paper towel pieces. Lastly, attach the remaining part of the programmable thermostat to its base.

Why Shift to a Programmable Thermostat?

It is worth installing programmable thermostats to save money. The enumerated reasons will compel you to make this shift:

Energy Saving

By maximizing HVAC efficiency, these thermostats lower your energy consumption. They automatically adjust the temperature of your device when you are away. Besides, programmable thermostats are eco-friendly as they are devoid of mercury.

Guarantee Optimal Comfort

Programmable thermostats fine-tune temperatures of heating and cooling devices all day so you no longer sacrifice your comfort. Their ability to vary temperature settings across rooms makes them more functional and cost-effective.


Owing to their user-friendly digital displays, these thermostats are easy to operate. Replacing their batteries annually keeps the thermostats in working condition.

The latest models are Wi-Fi compatible allowing you to alter their settings from your smartphone or tablet. Relying on smart thermostats also saves you from frequent repairs and replacements.

Switch providers to save more after reviewing the cost-effective plans up for grabs on the Shop Texas Electricity portal.

Smart Home Energy Saving Automation Ideas To Earn Back Those Dollars

May 18,2021
by Ayesha Saini
smart home energy saving

With home automation systems you can control your hi-tech installations from your mobile device while on the move. Since these features allow you to lower your carbon footprint, smart home energy saving becomes a reality.

A significant investment in automating your home guarantees long-term returns. Energy-efficient homes contribute to conserving precious resources like electricity and water. As you scale back on your energy usage, your utility bills also shrink.

Automation Ideas That Lead To Smart Home Energy Saving

Advancements in technology besides simplifying your life also decrease household expenses by conserving energy. You can make a significant impact on the environment by embracing home automation provisions that:

Regulate Lights

Even when you or your kids forget to switch off lights while exiting a room, motion sensors do the needful. Energy-efficient homes have this facility where on sensing motion, lights come on or switch off as necessary.

Lighting an empty room is a waste of energy and these motion sensors rule out such needless wastage. You can also program your lights to automatically dim their brightness and create that inviting evening setting

Control Temperatures

Automation systems contribute to smart home energy savings since you can regulate temperatures throughout your living space. The programmable mode on your temperature control facilitates the regulation of heating and cooling devices. Depending on the time of day and the number of occupants, the temperature at which air circulates is suitably moderated.

Adjust Shades

By allowing the scorching summer sun to stream in through your windows, the load on your air conditioning unit increases. Automated and programmable motorized shades close at specific times when solar energy is at its powerful best. Using them enables you to keep your home cool without your AC consuming excess energy.

Undo Standby Modes

Household appliances like your microwave, toaster, and dryer consume energy even when plugged in and turned off. In the absence of home automation, you must unplug appliances when not in use to prevent this energy drain.

Automation encourages smart home energy saving by undoing the destructive standby mode on your appliances. Your monthly electricity bills no longer reflect an almost ten percent rise from phantom energy drains.

Deactivate All Electronic Devices

A home automation system that commands all electronic devices in operation to turn off once you leave home is a boon. You can activate such installations by closing your front door, signaling a motion sensor, or arming your security system. Whether you choose a customized or complete deactivation, you save phenomenal energy.

Today you can assess your home’s energy consumption with a tracking device. Improvements are achievable when you know where the fault lies.

Consider further reducing your monthly energy bills by shopping from among the affordable plans listed on the Shop Texas Electricity portal.

5 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Katy

May 12,2021
by Ayesha Saini
live in katy

Residential living in Katy offers residents a sparse suburban feel. And most residents own their homes. What is common for people who live in Katy is their approach towards energy conservation. Residents across these communities are conscious about improving their energy efficiency.

The best neighborhoods in Katy 2021 boast easy access to major freeways, schools, and roads. Most Katy homes enjoy a closeness to educational, recreational, and employment hubs.

Five Best Neighborhood Areas to Live in Katy

Katy neighborhoods have a master plan design that incorporates community parks, playgrounds, and sporting facilities. So, whether you have kids, pets, or intend to live here alone, the best neighborhoods to live in Katy 2021 appeal to all.

Refer to the list of top five Katy neighborhoods worthy of your investment:

Grand Lakes

The almost 3000 homes within this neighborhood reflect colonial or traditional architecture. Overall, Grand Lakes is an upscale locality housing high-performing schools, a community garden, a dog park, and basic amenities. This neighborhood is not a high-risk flood zone. The presence of mature trees and natural lakes enhances its appeal.

Woodcreek Reserve

Located in Ford Bent County, Woodcreek Reserve features among the best areas to live in Katy. There are almost 400 traditionally styled homes here most of which have two levels.

One section of Woodcreek Reserve is a gated community. Not to mention, what is most striking about this neighborhood is its natural tree cover. You have access to outdoor activities like biking, hiking, playing tennis, basketball, and swimming while living here.

Seven Meadows

Living in prestigious Seven Meadows shortens your commute to Houston. Besides, this beautiful neighborhood gives you access to energy-efficient homes and the highest-rated Katy schools. On average, Seven Meadows has two-story homes with four bedrooms.

Some of the nearing 2000 homes are on Meadowbrook Farms golf course lots. Also, the clubhouse here has a fitness center and community events are regularly organized on the large green expanse called ‘Central Park.’

Cross Creek Ranch

This eco-friendly neighborhood provides natural habitats for Texas wildlife and birds. Without a doubt, Cross Creek Ranch features among the best areas to live in Katy. Along with this, you come across native trees, waterfront homes, hiking, and biking trails within this neighborhood that has a friendly vibe.

Besides, frequent recreational activities like watch parties, art markets, and holiday events organized for the residents add to the community feel. Cross Creek Ranch has a range of home styles, offers fantastic neighborhood amenities and schooling facilities.


A comparatively new neighborhood, Tamarron offers affordable housing, good schools, and wonderful community provisions including sports facilities. Consequently, the plan is to build over 4000 homes most of which encourage energy efficiency. With this in mind, construction for several hundred residences is already complete.

Assess budget-friendly plans on Shop Texas Electricity while evaluating potential properties and contribute to enhancing Katy’s energy efficiency.

5 Essential Tips for an Energy-Efficient Pool

May 11,2021
by Ayesha Saini
energy-efficient pool

A swimming pool is a welcome addition to your property as it encourages healthy living. Considering it is an expensive investment, maintaining an energy-efficient pool reduces your outgoings. Your pool can also aid in cutting energy wastage, saving water, and thereby lowering your expenses in the long term.

Improving the efficiency of your pool does not ruin the excitement of spending endless hours in this heavenly retreat. Considering pools consume a significant chunk of energy, it pays to follow pool heating tips. You can enjoy refreshing dips without losing focus on energy conservation.

Tips to Upgrade to an Energy-Efficient Pool

With these listed five strategies you can cut down on your pool’s energy consumption:

Opt for Smaller Energy-Efficient Pumps

Larger pumps add to your maintenance costs as they consume more energy. To match your pool size, opt for the smallest energy-efficient pump possible and reduce its operational durations.

Running the pump for several short cycles rather than one concentrated blast effectively keeps the pool water clean. Ensure your pump is free of muck and clogged drains before you operate it so it does not struggle to function.

Avoid Overheating the Water

Raising your pool’s temperature by even one degree can inflate your heating bills by 10% to 30%. Valuable pool heating tips suggest once peak recreational swimming time ends, promptly lower the heat.

Heaters too must compliment your pool size so, consider replacing oversized ones. Energy-efficient pools rely more on solar heating and thus, further reduce the duration your heater operates. Covering your pool when not in use reduces heat loss and conserves energy.

Strategically Execute Pool Finish and Landscaping

Besides beautifying your backyard pool landscaping, planting a hedge creates a natural windbreaker. It decreases evaporation of heated water thereby, reducing heat loss and contributing to energy savings.

A pool finish that is darker in color effortlessly absorbs solar energy and keeps your heating costs low. As is evident, giving your pool a darker finish is a win-win formula as you increase your savings by conserving energy.

Install LED Lighting

Switching to energy-saving and long-lasting LED lights for your pool may earn you rebates. Energy-efficient pools have this feature in common as LEDs can function with less than 50-watt power. If you are keen to bring down your pool’s energy usage while enjoying uninterrupted hours of illumination, install LED lighting.

Make Preventive Maintenance a Habit

Regular cleaning of your pool filters and periodic backwashing of drain systems will ensure your pool runs efficiently. Choose off-peak hours to operate your pool’s filtration system and further reduce your energy costs. You can elevate your swimming experience without adding to your outgoings by practicing preventive maintenance.

Enhance your savings by choosing a cost-effective plan from those listed on Shop Texas Electricity.

How Energy-Saving Apps Help Homeowners

May 6,2021
by Ayesha Saini
energy saving apps

A global McKinsey study reveals that Americans waste billions of dollars of residential energy annually. As a property owner, it makes sense to depend on electricity or energy-saving apps especially when you want to reduce your expenses. Together with smart home devices, these apps improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Relying on a free home energy monitor, for instance, allows you to closely track your daily usage. Such applications collate data at their disposal and deliver instant reports and updates directly to your smartphone. When you are aware of home contributors to excess energy wastage, you can work on proactively altering those practices.

Benefits of Energy Saving Apps

By analyzing patterns, a free home energy monitor can recommend strategies and actionable solutions thereby, aiding in smarter decision-making. These valuable tools that work round the clock maintain historical data and enable your household to reduce its energy consumption.

Unplugging the toaster when not in use or upgrading to an energy-efficient appliance does make a remarkable difference. Apps that ease real-time monitoring also identify abnormal energy usage and power drains. They recognize individual appliances that sap energy when plugged in.

Why Download Energy-Saving Apps?

Applications focused on saving energy give you increased control over your household’s consumption. As a homeowner with energy saving apps you can:

Track Your Energy Expenditure

These application systems when connected to your electrical meter and residential appliances give you a break-up of your expenses. You get a clear picture of the household items consuming the most energy and those that support your conservation attempts.

Apps that are user-friendly and integrate easily with the routine functioning of your household help you save the planet. Energy efficiency no longer is out of reach and saving money on your utility bills gradually becomes a reality.

Check Wastage

Your household’s energy wastage often appears minimal at first but, an accurate calculation may reveal otherwise. Energy saving apps helps track waste appropriately guides you in your energy-saving efforts.

Monitoring your carbon footprint compels you to act more responsibly. You consciously begin focusing on ways to improve your lifestyle habits that directly impact the environment.

Seize Energy-Saving Opportunities

Energy-saving apps besides helping you cut down your consumption also suggest practical measures to help you make a positive difference. These recommendations aim to enhance your savings and lower your carbon footprint.

Suggestions provided by such mobile applications on practical ways to conserve more energy are doable when you make a conscious effort. You will be pleasantly surprised to see an increase in your level of savings on the energy and outgoings fronts.

Compare residential plans on Shop Texas Electricity so you can stay clear of exorbitant monthly bills. As a homeowner, you have a right to choose what suits you and switch providers whenever the need arises.

Energy Vampires to Look Out For in Your Home

May 5,2021
by Ayesha Saini
energy vampires

A significant increase in household energy consumption and monthly outgoings are among the notable energy vampires symptoms. This happens when many electronic appliances and devices continue to draw power when plugged into electrical outlets even when switched off or idle.

Given the number of gadgets a regular household uses, you must attempt to defeat these phantom loads. Steps to achieve this goal include:

  • Identify the types of energy vampires
  • Plug massive energy feeders into a power strip that can activate or deactivate many devices in an instant
  • Replace old appliances with efficient models that conserve energy even when in standby mode

Recognizing Energy Vampires Symptom

Rarely can a household escape from the presence of energy vampires that consume electricity despite turning them off. Such electrical vampires tick one or more of the listed checkboxes:

  • Have a remote control for operational purposes
  • Rely on an external power supply
  • Have an LED status light and digital display
  • Feature a digital clock
  • Have a soft-touch keypad
  • Include a battery charger provision

Different Types of Energy Vampires Found In Homes

Household devices known to consume the most standby power thereby, displaying energy vampires symptoms include:

HVAC Units

Heating and cooling gadgets are an integral amenity found in most American households. Depending on existing weather conditions, these units circulate appropriate air throughout your home.

In the summer your HVAC systems keep humidity at bay while in the colder months it circulates warm air. These provisions contribute to comfortable living in your residential abode.

Charging Systems

When you charge your phone, camera, or computer, these systems continue to draw phantom energy if not unplugged. You can either inculcate the habit of unplugging your charger or invest in eco-friendly power cords to avoid energy vampires symptoms.

Energy-efficient charging systems automatically deactivate when your corresponding device is fully powered. This keeps your household’s energy consumption in check without demanding your intervention.

Gaming Consoles

Adults and children are equally fascinated by addictive and exciting gaming consoles. The devices with an activated ‘pause’ or ‘ready’ feature consume excessive amounts of energy even when not in use.

Instead of relying on turning off your console once done for the day, set it on power-saving mode. Newer gaming consoles have a user-friendly feature of automatically shifting into power-saving mode on crossing a stipulated period of idle time.


Laptops, tablets, and desktops all consume excess energy when plugged in and not in sleep mode. Opting to recharge these devices the whole night invites energy wastage as on average an hour or two is adequate. Keep these gadgets on sleep mode when idle to prevent them from inflating your energy bills.

Select an affordable plan by visiting the Shop Texas Electricity portal and save more.


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