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10 Tips to Improve Small Business Energy Efficiency

January 14, 2021
by dmirza
image depicting small business energy plans

A significant chunk of small business expenses goes to paying energy bills. Adopting energy-efficient practices and small business energy plans is the ideal way to reduce your expenditure.

Small Texas businesses have the potential to save energy without compromising comfort and quality services. The amount spent on monthly energy bills depends on the size of your commercial property, location, and the nature of your business.

It is worth comparing small business energy plans using the platforms like Shop Texas Electricity. Here you can conveniently choose from a wide selection of light companies with attractive offers that encourage business savings.

Listed here are ten useful tips to save energy, and in turn, save the environment:

Unplug Office Equipment When Not In Use

Computers, printers, and photocopiers are essential office equipment. Each consumes loads of energy during working hours. You can minimize this consumption by switching off and unplugging these gadgets when they lie idle. Turn them back on only when you need their services.

Keep Tabs On Photocopier Usage

Encourage your staff to use the photocopier machine in batches, so there is scope to turn it off during working hours. Since this equipment is heavy on electricity, place it in a separate area with natural airflow. It minimizes the need for air conditioning.    

Avoid Unnecessary Printing to Save More on Small Business Energy Plans

When you need to print a document, you end up using resources like paper and electricity. Keep your printing to the minimum by depending more on soft copies.

Enable Energy-Saving Features

Latest gadgets come with several energy-saving features. You can turn them on to reduce your electricity consumption drastically. Besides relying on affordable small business energy plans,this feature guarantees more savings.

Monitor Heating 

While heating enclosed spaces and water supply to your office premises, maintain desired temperatures, and set appropriate timers to avoid wastage. Any obstruction in front of ducts and radiators cuts proper circulation. So, keep those areas clear.

Also, insulate valves, pipes, and hot water tanks to prevent the heat from escaping. Reduce the chances of hot air from seeping out through cavities in walls and roof spaces.  

Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

You must display easy to understand instructions on individual cooling units and keep remote controls handy. Educate your staff, so they remain alert and keep temperatures in check always.

Shut Exit Points

You can get a considerable reduction in energy bills if you close doors while your cooling or heating system is running. It pays to avoid turning on such units when the room you are supplying with hot or cool air is unoccupied.

Examine Lighting

Rely on natural light and install energy-efficient LED lights as much as possible to save the most on your small business energy plans. Besides consuming less energy, LEDs last longer and have an increased light output.

Turning off the lights when not in use, and keeping your shades and bulbs clean, serves your purpose well. Energy-efficient blinds and shades keep cool air out in the winter and protect your staff from the scorching sun in the hot summer.

Go Green

A touch of greenery in your office space, besides being visually appealing, also absorbs pollutants. These natural air purifiers efficiently contribute towards your small business energy plans. They can reduce your dependence on artificial purification.

Invest in Smart Devices

Smart thermostats automatically offer proper temperature settings. On the other hand, advanced power strips completely shut off the energy supply to your electronic devices when not needed. Installing both considerably reduces your monthly energy expense.

Promote sustainable business operations and encourage your employees to prioritize socially responsible initiatives.

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