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2015 The Year to Finally Start Saving on your Electricity Bill

January 21, 2015

The New Year and all of the resolutions it comes with such as losing weight, quitting smoking, and those other common resolutions. What about finally lowering your electricity bill so that you are not freaking out every time you open it? This year is the moment where you can finally save on your electric bill, and stop worrying about high electricity costs.

Now is the time to switch electricity companies!

The best way to start the New Year off right is to budget effectively. When you switch electricity providers, a lower rate means you will definitely be saving on your electric bill. Paying nine cents versus twelve cents makes a huge difference. If your electricity rate is a penny lower, then that can save the average person’s bill up to $100 dollars a year.

Why should you switch?

Most customers are overpaying for electricity service with the same provider they have been with for years. Others do not even know that they have electricity choice, and options! Use your power to choose and finally find the right electricity company for you!

Choosing an electricity provider to save money in 2015!

Now is the best time to switch electricity providers because the winter rates are obviously lower than they would be in summer. When electricity companies use phrases like “Lock in your rate” they are typically wanting the customer to enter a fixed contract where the electricity rate does not change for the length of the plan.

Beginning of the Year = Lower Electricity Rates!

From January to March is when electricity rates will be lower from low winter demand. Switching retail electricity providers is ideal for this time of the year. Why is the electricity rate so low? Many people do not use their electricity during the colder months over the summer months, especially in Texas. Believe it or not customers pay 13-16 cents during summer and think that is average. Little do they know they can smart shop for electricity, and shop around for a lower rate.

Start the New Year with a lower electricity bill

  1. Determine your electricity needs and whether you need a fixed rate contract or a month to month (variable) plan.
    1. Fixed Rate Plans are best for switching during January – April so that if you sign up for a plan that is during this period, when it is time to renew your plan; you will still see low winter rates.
    2. Month to Month plans are also available if you prefer a contract free plan. These month to month plans prices fluctuate accord to the market. So one month your rate can be 9.5 cents while the next month the rate can be 11 cents.
  2. Don’t be afraid to research different electricity providers and what they have to offer. From Free Electricity Nights, Plans with Bill Credits, or Cash Back Plans there are different types of plans for every type of customer need.

A lower electricity rate puts money back into your pocket!

When you pay less for electricity, the savings you earn can be spent on other things. Electricity shopping done right can put extra money in your pocket. Start the New Year off right with an electricity plan that is best for your home or business.

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