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3 Steps to Finding the Best Residential Electricity Rates in Texas

June 30, 2016

Looking for cheap residential electricity rates in Texas? It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Many people are more comfortable with keeping their current provider and not seeking out a new one, but that kind of thinking can actually cost you more money. Finding a new residential electricity provider may seem like it’s not worth the trouble of looking, but in the end, the savings you’ll reap will make it all worthwhile.3 Steps to Finding the Best Residential Electricity Rates in Texas

  1. Search
    Seek out new retail energy providers through Shop Texas Electricity. We bring you a list of available retail energy providers for your area with easy to read and sort results. Sort your results by price, term length, provider, and more.
  2. Compare
    When you find a dew plans that look promising, compare them by studying the electricity facts label (EFL) for each. The EFL will provide you with more information than is available in a small overview, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Information including a breakdown of the average rate and any applicable fees will tell you right away whether a plan is worth investing in.

    • If you’re looking for low rates, check the rate in different brackets of energy use. Some plans may give a very low rate, but you have to use a specific amount of energy to get that rate.
    • If you’re looking for long term savings, check the term length. Contract free variable plans will change their rate every month, so what may seem like a savings could end up costing your down the line.
    • Plans that include incentives like a free thermostat or bill discount usually take that cost into account, and then some. Be sure you’re actually getting a good deal before signing up for freebies.
  3. Switch
    Once you’ve found the perfect plan for your home, make the switch! Switching to a new provider is easy. Once you select a switch date, your current Texas residential electricity provider will automatically switch over to the new provider without any interruption to your service. You can get great residential electricity rates and great service from one company, and all it takes is just a little bit of searching.

At Shop Texas Electricity we make the searching part so much easier by removing the need to jump around to different sites in search of the best residential electricity rates in Texas. You can quickly glance at dozens of plans at once, find the one that works for you, and sign up all on one convenient page.

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