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5 Steps to Finding the Best Business Electricity Rates

June 30, 2016

Many of the retail electricity providers in Texas that offer electricity for homes also offer it for businesses. Just like with residential electricity, you should shop around for business electricity. The best business electricity rates in Texas may not always be apparent, as you often need to contact energy providers directly to find out their rates. But all that time spent searching can be consolidated with a little bit of help.

  1. Search Websites
    The first way to finding the best business electricity rates is to check provider’s websites. You may find some prices listed that will give you an idea of what kind of rate you can get. Make a list of websites that advertise rates and also make a list of sites that offer business electricity but don’t necessarily post rates.5 Steps to Finding the Best Business Electricity Rates

  2. Contact the Provider
    Contacting the energy provider is the next step. If a provider listed rates on their site, ask them about their pricing plans and how their listed prices may differ from these. Listed plans may include very specific services and incentives. For those without listed prices, custom tailored energy plans based on energy history are likely the only means of getting a business electricity rate quote.
  3. Fixed or Variable
    Regardless of what their rates are or what they offer online or in a custom quote, be sure to ask about variable and fixed rate plans. While a rate may be very low, if it’s part of a variable plan, that rate could jump considerably higher down the line. If possible, lock in a low rate for as long as you feel is necessary for your business with a fixed business electricity rate plan.
  4. Review The Providers
    Search for customer reviews of potential energy providers for your business. These reviews can be invaluable in providing you with information regarding their customer service, how plain their terms are, and whether they are worth signing up with.
  5. Consolidate with Shop Texas Electricity
    You can go through all of those steps and possibly repeat them trying to find the best Houston business electricity rates, or you can contact Shop Texas Electricity and let us do all the searching for you. You tell us the kind of plan you’re looking for, be it variable or fixed, renewable or nonrenewable, and other factors, and we will seek out energy providers on your behalf, looking for ones that meet your criteria.
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