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6 Steps to Finding Great Residential Electricity Rates

July 19, 2016

Have you found the best residential electricity rates in Texas? If you aren’t looking for them each time your service contract is up for renewal, you aren’t going to find them.6 Steps to Finding Great Residential Electricity Rates

Electricity rates are constantly changing in the state of Texas and the only way to find the best deal is to shop around.

How to Find the Best Residential Electricity Rates in Texas

The process is actually pretty simple.

  1. First, enter the zip code for where you live on a provider or aggregator site.
  2. When the list of available plans come up, search for the ones with the best residential electricity rates.
  3. Check the contract term length.
  4. Compare the plan to others with similar features.
  5. Carefully read the EFL to ensure the plan you like will work the way it’s advertised.
  6. Make the switch!

There could be a few dozen plans available in your area depending on where in Texas you live.

If you see a plan from a provider you’ve never heard of, check the plan details anyway. New providers sell the same electricity as well established providers, and it’s possible that a small company may provide a bigger discount over a large company.

It always pays to shop around for electricity service. With so many plans and options available, it’s easy to miss out if you just go with the flow and keep the same plan or provider year after year.

Incentives and Renewable Energy

Some plans may offer incentives like a bill credit or a free thermostat when you sign up for the plan. Check the EFL to ensure the promised rates are at least comparable to your current or similar plans, as incentives are usually billed into the rate.

Renewable energy options are also growing in popularity. These options will typically be a little more expensive than nonrenewable energy, but they do a lot to reduce carbon emissions. As demand for renewable energy increases, cost will come down through expansion and subsidization. Not to mention there is a savings in reducing carbon emissions itself!

Make the Switch

Once you find a plan with great residential electricity rates in Texas, make the switch! Switching is easy: just call or apply online to switch to your new provider, and set a date.

The switch is automatic and won’t interrupt your service. Your next bill will show the new provider and your new residential electricity rate.

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