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Actionable Steps for Your Home to Prepare for a Power Outage

January 19, 2021
by dmirza
text how to prepare for a power outage

Every summer, high temperatures bring peak energy demand. Since there is an added burden on the electricity grid, it is essential to prepare for a power outage.

Hot weather, coupled with heavy winds and hurricane season, threatens the reliability of the energy system. Not to mention, even short-lived blackouts can put a damper on business and home activities.

So, here are some power outage tips and tricks to help you and your home get through such sudden events:

1.   Have an Alternative Water Supply

The regular water supply gets interrupted due to a blackout, as the local systems rely on electricity.

Particularly for business owners and people living in apartments, things can get a bit complicated. For this reason, it is better to be proactive and anticipate situations like blackouts.

Firstly, ensure to get a water tank and keep it full at all times.

Secondly, your fridge may be off for a few hours, and the food may go stale. So, you should prepare for a power outage by stocking up on durable food items like canned products.

2.   Keep the Home Interior Comfortable

Blackouts can happen at any time of the year. If they occur during the colder months, your home interior will not be warm enough.

Similarly, summer blackouts in a hot region like Texas can become unbearable. Hence, keep your home interior at desired levels based on the season.

Find ways to produce power at home with diesel backup generators or solar PV (photovoltaic) systems. However, if there is no sun due to cloudy weather, the solar backup won’t work.

With this in mind, choose options that come with electricity storage capacity. Accordingly, you can keep them charged beforehand and use energy at all times.

Furthermore, you can save a lot on winter heating bills with extra insulation, storm windows, etc.

3.   Prepare for a Power Outage with Rechargeable Lights

You may need to go out for medical supplies during emergencies. But since there is limited visibility, movement may get restricted.

Although there are traditional modes of lighting, such as kerosene, they may be dangerous to use around pets and kids. Besides, they release harmful chemicals, which can be fatal in a closed environment.

Therefore, one of the most useful power outage tips and tricks is to use rechargeable options.

Get emergency lights, LED flashlights, solar-powered lights, and rechargeable batteries. Regardless of the situation, you can use LED light fixtures and lower your monthly energy bills.

Moreover, keep a first-aid kit and essential medicine hand. These can prevent you from going outside for basic things. Likewise, have a disaster preparedness checklist with many more blackout hacks.

These tips are only helpful in certain situations to prepare for a power outage. But you can limit your consumption and strengthen the grid throughout the year.

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