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Available Alternative Energy Sources

March 9, 2010

The increased awareness regarding the adverse effects of carbon emissions and global warming has increased the popularity of alternative energy sources. These new energy sources provide cleaner, renewable and cheap electricity sources that can supply the energy needs of households, business establishments and industries.

Now more and more states like Texas, where energy deregulation is in full bloom, have provided their populace with the power to Choose providers for electricity in Houston, Dallas and other areas in Texas. Part of this includes not only the option to select the Texas electric company that will provide electricity, but they can also choose among companies that have partnered with producers using alternative energy sources.

Why is There a Need for Alternative Energy Resources

More and more electric companies are slowly introducing alternative energy sources as part of their main electricity production process. Still, many people do not understand the implication of such moves in their lives, even though they have been hearing “energy crises” issues clamored across the country and even across the globe.
Although people over the years are partly to be blamed, there is no need for finger pointing now. The key thing here is that people realize the need to use alternative energy sources — before it is too late. The world has been overly dependent on fossil fuels in generating the power they need and use in their everyday lives. However, this dependency only resulted to global warming, increase in pollution levels and the imminent dangers of climate change.

Now people has the option to take the next step and create a change — a change that will affect the way they live now, and the future that is in store for their children, and their children’s children. People now have the option for micro generation of renewable energy right in their own homes, or switch to utility companies that use alternative energy sources.

What are Alternative Energy Sources that Are Available to the Public Now

The following describes these types of energy sources available to the public now:

* The Power of the Sun — Solar energy is probably the most readily available renewable source that can now generate energy to power homes and businesses. New technologies in solar power cell manufacturing as well as new technologies for storage cells have made these options more viable.

* The Power of the Earth — Geothermal energy or heat coming from the center of the earth can produce steam, which in turn can be used to power electric generators and produce electricity for mass use.

* The Power of the Wind — Wind farms, with giant wind turbines can harness the power of the wind and use it to produce electricity sufficient enough to power whole cities.

* The Power of Water — The natural strength of water can be used to turn gigantic turbines and produce electricity, without the pollution that power plants relying on fossil fuels can generate. Hydroelectric energy is safe, clean and abundant.

More and more technologies are being developed to further improve these alternative energy sources to make them more viable, economical and practical. Sooner or later, these alternative energy sources would become mainstream; creating energy that is safe, clean and without harming the environment.

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