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Beat the Heat Program – What it is and How you Can Benefit?

August 5, 2021
by Ayesha Saini
beat the heat


Scorching summers take their toll on the most vulnerable Houstonians. If you are without air conditioning this time of year, it can be tough. Reliant representatives and Harris County leaders with the city of Houston, proudly launch the annual Beat the Heat program.

Through this initiative, the authorities aim to provide portable AC units to the most vulnerable city residents. To cope with Houston’s rising temperatures, this plan also includes cooling centers that will open during heat emergencies. Given the pandemic, these centers will follow sanitization practices and observe proper distancing.

Beat the Heat Program Explained

If your family lacks home cooling provisions, the city of Houston encourages you to apply to this program. Should you be a senior citizen or coping with a disability, you qualify for this initiative.

To apply, you can call the city’s Health Department’s Area Agency on 832-393-4301. Besides helping you stay cool, Beat the Heat also aims to assist you in paying your mounting electricity bills.

For help with your bill, visit or call 211. As a Reliant customer, you can reach 1-866-RELIANT. Predicting an increase in call volume as an outcome of Houston’s rising temperatures, these customer care groups are ramping up. 

Right Tools at Your Disposal

Houston authorities are offering portable AC’s to qualifying individuals so you can beat the summer heat and resultant complications. This initiative also allows you to manage your high electricity bills while keeping your home cool during hot months.

When electricity demand rises in summer, it puts pressure on the state’s power grid. The concerned body, Electric Reliability Council of Texas is taking measures to meet an expected surge in electric demands.   

Conserve Energy in summer

City officials are making every effort to ease your comfort this Houston summer. Beasides, they are creating more cool spots and distributing portable air conditioners to equip you to beat the heat.

The Mayor urges every Houstonian to help the system in return by taking efforts to conserve energy. Power shortages are preventable so long as residents like you act responsibly.

Safeguard against the Heat Wave

Suggested here are practical ways in which you and your family can deal with the rise in Houston temperatures:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Use the cooler part of the day for your outdoor activities
  • Wear sunblock and protective gear when out to prevent the onset of a heat stroke
  • Look before you lock your vehicle to ensure no children, pets, or a disabled loved one is stuck indoors

Switch Electricity Providers

Lower your outgoings by switching to an affordable plan from the convenient options listed on Shop Texas Electricity. Moreover, this platform enables you to compare rates of reputed providers and select one that best meets your summer energy needs.

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