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Cheap Electricity – Energy Saving Tips for your Office

July 11, 2014
by dmirza

Summer is in full swing and you may be feeling the heat at home and in your office. Well, now is the time to take charge and cut your electricity costs. There are several ways to cut energy costs, from adjusting lighting and changing AC and water heater schedules, to replacing outdated appliances with energy efficient versions. You have the power to choose the method that would best fit your office, so let’s look at a few examples.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a mainstay of every summer, but running it more efficiently will save you money and energy in the long run. If possible, install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to set the time of day for your AC to turn on or off. Use this to set your AC to only remain on while the office is occupied. Have it shut down in the evening and overnight hours as well as the weekends. There is no sense in cooling an empty office. Keep windows that receive direct sunlight blocked by light colored fabrics. The light color will reflect the solar light back out, reducing heat gain.


An added reason for using light colored fabrics to cover windows is that they will still let in diffused sunlight. You won’t get as much solar heat gain, but you will still receive a good deal of natural light. In rooms with plenty of natural light, leave the light bulbs off to save energy. Upgrading old bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs can help cut back on energy use while the lights are on. Adding motion detecting switches to rooms that receive less traffic, like restrooms, will further increase your energy savings.


Unplugging unused electronics will save you energy you didn’t know you were losing. All electronics, even when they are off, continually drain electricity. This includes computers, monitors, and even phone chargers. Unplugging these devices cuts off the flow of electricity entirely. It may be more prudent to wire an entire desk’s worth of electronics into a power strip and simply shut the power strip off.

Kitchen Appliances

Clean refrigerator coils every couple of months. When these coils are dusty, it reduces the efficiency of your refrigerator. Use microwave ovens over toasters as toasters let off considerable amounts of heat when in use, causing your AC to work harder. Any appliances that are about 10 years old should be replaced with newer models to take advantage of technological improvements that increase efficiency. You can take it a step further and get Energy Star certified appliances. These appliances are about 20-30% more efficient than uncertified counterparts.

During the summer months, Texas electricity rates tend to increase. If your contract is up for renewal, be sure to shop around for available plans that offer cheap electricity so save yourself some more money. If you like to help the environment, look for plans that offer renewable energy as well. Follow these tips to make your summer a cool one!

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