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Cheap Electricity is Possible with Alternative Energy

April 14, 2011

Valued at $1.2 trillion, Texas has a state economy that is already at par with the GDPs of other nations such as Spain, Russia and India. It is just logical that such an economy would also consume an enormous amount of electricity, which is in fact larger than other states in the US. Since most of the Texas electricity producing power plants run on fossil fuels, it’s no wonder why Texas is also the largest state emitting harmful CO2 gases – and was in fact the largest in the world until 2006. The effect of harmful emissions is not the only thing in the minds right now of the millions of Texas consumers, but the surging prices of electricity as well. With the rising global demands growing at exponential rates, this is a reality that every nation has faced for several years. Now, everyone’s dreaming of a state that not only provides its constituents the power to choose their power options, but also provide them with really cheap electricity. Alternative energy resources could be the power solution that could provide all this. Savings expectations can go as high as 80% or even higher. Not only that, the use of alternative resources for Texas electricity production can significantly reduce the state’s carbon footprint down to several decades earlier. But is this really possible? Can Alternative Energy Bring Cheap Electricity to Your Home? Relying solely on fossil fuels for production of Texas electricity would be a disastrous affair of the state as reserves continue to dwindle worldwide creating a mad scramble to develop the ultimate alternative energy source that would eventually replace fossil fuels in the near future. At the forefront of alternative energy development is wind and solar energy, both abundant resources in the state and in other parts of the country. However, the initial investments of putting up gigantic arrays of solar panels out in the desert or strings of wind farms on mountainsides or even out in the open sea is quite considerable. On top of that, the state would need adequate transmission and distribution facilities to deliver the Texas electricity produced at these sites right into consumers’ doorsteps. The cost is simply too enormous. But everything is changing right now as newer and better alternative energy technologies are being developed that would make the production of electricity through these alternative means economically competitive with traditional power generation. Materials, processes, storage facilities, distribution, reliability – all the previous issues encountered with early forms of alternative energy technologies are being resolved now. Soon, sustainable, renewable, and cheap electricity would be flowing through everyone’s homes and establishments. What it Means for the Texas Consumer ERCOT has previously estimated that the use of alternative energy for generating Texas electricity will save the Texas consumer up to $2.4 billion savings each year and would gradually increase as more renewable sources are established. As the state increases usage of alternative energy production, reliance on foreign-provided fossil fuels will significantly be reduced giving the state, and the rest of the country as well, more freedom in their use of power. On top of that, consumption of other state resources will also be reduced such as the projected 17 billion gallon reduction of freshwater consumed by the state each year. Alternative energy projects will also generate from 3,800 to over 10,000 jobs as renewable energy initiatives across the state are initiated. But the greatest impact of alternative energy is protecting the environment and making the world safe to live in now and for future generations to come. A projected reduction of 16% for CO2 emissions and another 13% for nitrogen emissions will be realized once Texas electricity production using alternative energy sources are fully established.

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