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Cheap Electricity Rates – Ways To Help Your Small Business Save Electricity

May 30, 2014
by dmirza

If you own a small business, you know that saving money and managing your finances is very important. Wasted money means you are more limited and your business is not being as efficient as possible. Wasting energy is like pouring money outside your window. You can save your business a lot of energy by being conscious of how it is used and looking for ways to improve its usage.

Check your electricity meter to see how much energy your business is expending. Watch the dials and find out how many kilowatts are consumed over 15 seconds, then multiply that number 240 to see how much energy you consume per hour. Now, using an ammeter, check all of the major appliances and electronics in your business to see how much each one is consuming. From here, you can start cutting back on their use or replacing ones that are very inefficient.

Just about all office equipment has energy efficient options these days. Printers, computers, scanners, and shredders can all be found with an Energy Star certification. Energy Star certified equipment is 20-30% more efficient than uncertified equipment. Whether you have efficient equipment or not, turn off computers, printers, and scanners when they are not in use, particularly when you are leaving your office. Unplugging electronics will also keep energy use down, as whether they are powered on or not, all electronics continually draw power.

Clean or replace filters in your heating or cooling system every one to three months. These filters trap dust and debris from the air and when they are covered, they reduce airflow, which makes the system work harder. Every six to twelve months, have your HVAC serviced by professionals to keep it in top working order. Installing a programmable thermostat will allow you to set the temperature throughout the day, ensuring the HVAC only runs when you are typically in your office. This can be overridden if you need to go in early or stay late. Set these temperatures a little bit outside your comfort zone to save even more energy. Every degree above (summer) or below (winter) your preferred temperature can save 1-3% on your HVAC’s energy use.

Be sure to close doors and vents to rooms that are not used, as heating or cooling them will only waste energy. Use ceiling fans in conjunction with your HVAC to help circulate the climate controlled air better, even in the winter. In the winter, set the ceiling fan to blow upward at a slow pace to help circulate the heat. If your office has windows, use window films to prevent high solar gain in the summer, while still letting in a lot of light. Using natural light will help cut back on electricity use as well, since you don’t need to use room lights. During the winter, these films also prevent some heat loss. Be sure to only put the film on windows that face the sun. Putting it on north facing windows won’t net you any benefits.

Switch old incandescent lighting over to more efficient CFLs or LEDs to save between 75-90% on electricity use. When possible, use task lighting such as desk lamps instead of overhead lights. Install motion sensor light switches in less travelled rooms and halls to ensure the lights are off when the area is not in use. These switches will turn the lights on as soon as someone enters the area, and they will shut off when no movement is detected for a set period of time. By implementing all of these tips, you can help your business save a lot of energy, and subsequently money.

In addition to these tips, you have the power to choose an electricity provider that provides cheap electricity rates for your business. Many retail energy providers offer commercial plans for businesses to suit your needs and ensure you have the electricity you need at the price you want. Contact Shop Texas Electricity today to find cheap Texas electricity for your business.

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