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How Energy Efficiency Prepares Texas Residents for Climate Extremes?

How Energy Efficiency Prepares Texas Residents for Climate Extremes?

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List of Places You Can Keep Cool During the Houston Heat Wave

List of Places You Can Keep Cool During the Houston Heat Wave

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Lower Energy Costs With These Energy Efficiency Tips

June 25, 2014

Being energy efficient doesn’t mean you have to give up your comfortable lifestyle or any of your electronics. Actually, being energy efficient means that you get the same use out of your electronic devices, but you reduce their energy consumption. This can involve anything from cleaning the device, installing an energy saving component on the device, or replacing the device with a more energy efficient model. Sometimes, to make a device more energy efficient, you need to adjust other aspects of your home.

Weather stripping your home will keep your home feeling more comfortable in the summer and winter, but it also reduces electricity use. Plugging all the gaps where climate controlled air can escape reduces the workload on your air conditioning and heating systems. Your home will reach your desired temperature quicker, and the system will shut off sooner and stay off longer. In addition, you should clean or replace the air filter in your heating and air conditioning system every one to three months, depending on use. A clogged air filter means the system needs to work harder to pump the air into your home. Any breaks or misaligned sections of ductwork should also be sealed. These gaps allow a good portion of climate controlled air to escape and greatly reduces your system’s efficiency.

When it comes to general electricity use, off is usually best. Turn off lights when you leave a room, shut off the television when you leave the room, and don’t leave fans on while you’re out of the room. Fans cool people by blowing on them, but they don’t cool rooms unless they are drawing cool air in from another room or from outside. Sometimes, off isn’t enough. Appliances and electronics continually draw electricity even when they are off. To prevent this from happening, it is best to unplug them or cut power to the outlet they are plugged into. You can do this by plugging electronic devices like televisions, game systems, DVD players, and phone or tablet chargers into a power strip and shutting the power strip off. Some power strips automatically detect when an electronic device goes to a low power standby state and will cut power to that devices outlet. Other power strips have a remote that allows you to turn the power strip on or off.

Upgrading your appliances to Energy Star certified devices can save 20-30% of the energy used to power the old device. They will still perform the same functions you need, but will consume much less electricity. You can also change your light bulbs to efficient LED lights if you haven’t already. LEDs use about 80% less energy than incandescents and contain no mercury; unlike CFLs. Outside of your home you can save energy by reducing your speed while driving. Every mile per hour over 60 is wasting extra energy. You can also try to find routes between home and work that avoid heavy traffic or stop lights.

Being energy efficient is a great way to lower energy use and the cost associated with it. You can get even more savings by switching to an energy provider that offers cheap electricity. You have the power to choose your own energy provider, and every provider has numerous plans available to you. Some of these plans include using renewable energy, which is immensely beneficial to the environment, and because it’s renewable, it’s an efficient and sustainable source of energy. Shop Texas Electricity can help you search for a Texas electricity provider and narrow it down to a few choices based on your search criteria, so you can find the plan you want with the cheapest electricity rates possible.

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