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How to Choose the Right Electricity Provider

July 30, 2013

Choosing the best electricity provider can be overwhelming when there are over 30 Retail Electric Providers in Texas. You want to wise and choose the best fit according to your energy needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping around for the ideal electricity provider. Fixed rate or variable rate: The first thing to ask yourself is, do I want a locked rate or do I want to take a risk with the energy market price? A variable rate might be a great deal with the first couple of months, but when the market goes up mostly likely your rate does as well. Fixed rates are a great security blanket knowing your rate won’t change for the length of the term you choose. Customer Support: Does the company have a helpful customer service base? Make a list of what questions you might want to ask a customer service representative, and see what solutions they can provider you based on your electricity requirements. Customer support representatives will be very crucial in your relationship with your energy provider so making sure that you are comfortable with them will help you in the long run. Fees: It is very crucial to know your electricity providers fee structure. Essentially when choosing an electricity provider you should be informed of the early termination fee and the deposit amount if required. Also, you should ask if there are any hidden or late fees for late bill payments. Green products: When opting for a “green” product you should know how much of the product is actually renewable. Some companies will have a green product, but only have 12% of it actually renewable. A green product that is 100% renewable will always be a little pricier. Source:

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