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Control Your Electricity Bills With Texas Electric Deregulation

May 7, 2012

A significant amount of business costs for almost all Texas businesses is related to electricity. So, if businesses could save on their electricity costs, they can reduce their total costs considerably. Though during the days before the energy regulation came into effect, it wasn’t possible for business enterprises to control their power bills, they can do so now as they have a direct say over various aspects of such bills. If you, too, are a Texas based business owner and want to know more about how Texas electric deregulation can help you exercise control on your business electricity consumption, the following steps can help:

  • Exercising the right to choose: Since an increased number of service providers are in the market these days, thanks to the deregulation, there exist a growing competition among the business energy suppliers. This has shifted the power to the consumer who can now shop for better deals, thus exercising control over this otherwise expensive utility service. You too can shop around, compare prices and other offers to select an REP that offers better deals, thus helping you to have control on your electricity bills.
  • Form groups to get good deals: An ideal way for businesses to save on their electric bills is to form solid groups, which can then discuss favorable terms with the selected suppliers. A few businesses can pool together to form such groups, and then bargain to get better deals. Since a pool of commercial energy clients is hardly ignored by utility providers, this would act as a powerful tool of controlling your business electricity bills.
  • Selecting your energy providers: Before energy deregulation, the customers were at the mercy of the electric companies who often inflated bills and made the customers pay high rates. However, now businesses have the power to opt for their preferred energy providers. With a lot of players in the market, each of which offers something or the other to lure customers, a more favorable environment has come into existence under the new regime. So, as a business owner, you no longer need to put up with nondescript electric companies. Rather, if you are not satisfied with your present company, you can easily switch over to the next available choice that suits your purposes and budget the best.
  • Getting to know about your consumption patterns: With EFL, businesses can now track their electric consumption well, know about the rates, payment schemes, fees, other charges, terms and conditions etc. This clarity will help them to prepare better budgets for their power consumption and control the costs.
  • Make energy efficient choices: An era of energy efficiency has been ushered in by the energy deregulation, which in turn has brought down the instances of electricity wastages. Since the market has become fiercely competitive, energy providers are forced to offer better value and enhanced customer services. This has encouraged better innovations, which has significantly improved efficiency. Since improved efficiency makes businesses optimize their electric consumption and reduce wastage, they end up with decreased electricity bills. As a result, they can exercise better control on their utility costs.

So, keep all these points in mind and explore ways that can help you reduce your business electricity bills.

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