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Covid-19 Pandemic Effect – How to Save on Electricity Consumption?

December 11, 2020
by dmirza
woman using laptop at home due to covid-19 pandemic

It has been nearly a full year that Americans have given their schools, offices, gyms, and other public spaces a hard pass.

With the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown restrictions relaxed, several places have opened up, but people are still wary about venturing outside. Texans and other state residents mostly stick to their homes and work remotely if their profession allows it. Children attend school online. Individuals from all backgrounds rely on internet connectivity and electricity.

With the new normal seemingly extending indefinitely, how has the current health crisis affected normal electricity demand? Have a look.

Did Utility Usage Increase or Decrease?

Overall, energy usage in the U.S. declined by 4.4% by June 2020, and the drop is expected to be 3.6% by the end of this year. You can attribute this decrease in power demand to extended home stays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and commercial and industrial properties’ closures.

However, these energy costs have majorly shifted to individual employees and students. Experts estimate that residential electricity sales will rise by 2.5% as we go into 2021.

On average, Texas homes now utilize eight or more uninterrupted hours of energy. The use of power laptops, routers, and other smart devices, including home automation systems, is taking a lot of strain as they are used more.

Rising Costs of High Electricity Demand

Electricity in the U.S. comes from a variety of sources and fuels, such as natural gas, wind, solar, hydro, nuclear, and crude oil. Some of these are abundant in nature or available locally, while we import some fuels. Global crude oil prices are likely to increase, given the high electricity demand.

The summer of 2020 has seen high temperatures and extreme weather, forcing Texans to use their home air conditioning nonstop.

Combined with the energy-wasting habits like leaving the cell phone chargers turned on through the night or plugging in energy vampires can cost you a lot of money in monthly bills. Whatever costs you may have saved on dining-out or commuting now go toward this additional power usage.

How to Save Energy During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

You can choose to implement energy-saving strategies like:

  1. Installing CFL and LED lighting. These new lighting technologies help reduce energy bills and last longer.
  2. Turning down the thermostat when not in use. You can even use smart thermostats that adapt to your needs.
  3. Switching off the water heater promptly. Hot water use for dishes and showers cannot decrease, but you can save energy by using it properly.
  4. Unplugging larger appliances when you don’t use them. Computers, TVs, coffee makers, microwaves, etc., use electricity even when switched off but plugged in.
  5. Using power strips and smart outlets. You can turn off devices with a flick of a button and prevent power wastage. 

We are still reeling from the chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Do your part to get control over surprise utility bills. Combat the current electricity demand situation by choosing the right energy plan. Many companies provide prepaid electricity options that help you avoid financial unpredictability.

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