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Deregulation and Cheap Electricity Rates

July 11, 2016

Despite market changes, an economic crash, and several powerful storms, Texas has managed to maintain cheap electricity rates throughout the state. How have they managed to do this in the face of such adversity? And how can you take advantage of these cheap electricity rates? We’ll give you the rundown on how to save money on your energy bills.

            Deregulation in Texas

The way Texas has maintained cheap electricity rates is through what’s known as deregulation. Deregulation means that the utility companies in Texas cannot dictate the prices of electricity. Instead a free competitive market of retail energy providers competes for your business and in order to get it, they need to offer lower rates than anyone else.

This constant competition has driven prices down and kept them relatively low over the Home Electric Meteryears. Even though some events such as storms can affect the prices of electricity, the competitive nature of the market tries hard to keep them as low as possible. And when the market is doing really well, the prices come down even further.

How to Get Cheap Electric Rates

Now that you know why we have cheap electricity rates, how can you get them yourself? The answer is simple: Shop Texas Electricity. We let you shop and compare dozens of energy providers all at once, saving you the hassle of looking for prices through individual companies. With our sortable list, you can compare term lengths and prices with a push of a button and find the cheapest electricity rates for your home.

Energy companies are always offering new plans with different rates and contract lengths, so it’s important to check the marketplace every time your contract is up for renewal. Sticking with the same company year after year could be costing you extra money. But with Shop Texas Electricity, you can see at a glance the cheapest electricity rates, the contract lengths you want, and you can even look for plans that offer special incentives like 100% renewable energy or bill credits. And if you want to make absolutely certain what the listing says is accurate with no strings attached, every plan comes with a link to the EFL so no one can pull the wool over your eyes.

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