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Stuck in This Texas Heat With a Broken Air Conditioner?

July 31, 2014
by dmirza

There’s nothing quite as frustratingly miserable as being stuck in the Texas heat without a working air conditioner. The sad fact of the matter is air conditioners do break eventually, but in this article, we’ll share a few ways to help prolong the use of yours so you aren’t left out in the cold . . . er, heat. One of the biggest threats to your air conditioner is improper use.

First and foremost, close any and all windows and doors that lead to garages or directly outside. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by leaving them open while the AC is running.

If you are using window mounted units, close off the room they are cooling from all other rooms if possible. This reduces the load on the unit and prolongs its life. With some central air systems, running the air conditioner for too long because it can’t adequately cool the room, home, or office can actually freeze the unit’s condenser. This can lead to some very costly repairs.

Maintain your AC yearly, preferably just before the summer starts. Have a professional HVAC technician examine your system and perform a tune up. Have a technician (or do it yourself if you feel comfortable with doing so) clean or replace the air conditioner’s filter and condenser coils every one to three months. A clogged air filter reduces airflow, causing the unit to work overtime to compensate and dirty coils reduce the effectiveness of the condenser. Be sure the technician you have service your AC checks the refrigerant charge. This is the primary component for keeping your home cool, and if the unit has an insufficient charge, it will not perform well. If the refrigerant is low, the unit may be leaking. This leak will need to be patched and the refrigerant will need to be recharged. Other issues may lie with the electronic components of your system.

Controllers for the compressor and fans eventually wear out, and do so faster if they are constantly turned on and off. Corrosion will also prevent electrical signals from transmitting, which will prevent the unit from operating. In addition, if there is an issue with the temperature sensor, your AC may be operating at odd times, such as when you don’t need cooling or it will remain off when it should be on. The temperature sensor should be near the condenser coil but not touching it. You can adjust the sensor’s position by carefully bending the wire it is attached to, but it may be best to leave it to a professional.

Maintaining your AC by following these tip will not only help you keep your cool this summer, it can also reduce your energy bill. To further reduce your energy bill, contact Shop Texas Electricity to compare the plans and rates of several different energy providers in Texas. You have the power to choose your Texas electricity provider, and that power can save you a lot of money.

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