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Easy No-Bake Recipes to Improve Your Kitchen’s Efficiency

February 25, 2021
by dmirza
easy no-bake recipes

Hefty monthly utility bills are never welcome, especially when you have the chance to lower them. Things like upgrading your home insulation and buying energy-efficient appliances are some examples.

Likewise, small steps in your kitchen can ensure significant cost savings.

Before you start making considerable and sudden changes in your lifestyle, try these easy no-bake recipes:

Healthy and Easy No-Bake Recipes for Everyone

When you say no cooking, it doesn’t mean boring, plain old salads. Some recipes call for frozen ingredients, while others use leftovers.

But all of the below are quick and easy no-cook meals:

Fiesta Burrito Bowl

Use one cup of leftover brown rice from the previous night or buy pre-made Mexican rice beforehand. Put the rice in a bowl, along with one pound of boiled chicken, a handful of lettuce, two small sliced tomatoes, and some black beans.

Drizzle two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice and mix some cilantro and one ripe avocado. Top it off with hot sauce or salsa. This lazy concoction just takes under 30 minutes, including chopping.

Marinated Cauliflower Salad

Refrigerated salads are simply some of the best easy no-bake recipes that you can use to save time. More importantly, they keep well and taste better the longer they remain in your fridge.

Chop one head of cauliflower and place them in a large bowl. Add diced red onion and bell peppers (half a cup) and two tablespoons of parsley, pour in the store-bought dressing and sliced olives and give it a good stir. Refrigerate it for more than half an hour and stir before serving.

Golden Milk Overnight Oats

Any good list of no-cook meals is incomplete without overnight oats. Add one cup of milk, one teaspoon honey, ¼ teaspoon turmeric, and ⅛ teaspoon cinnamon in a bowl. You can choose to include salt and cloves per your taste and whisk the milk.

In a mason jar, take half a cup of rolled oats and pour the spiced milk, stirring it occasionally. Close the lid, keep it air-tight, and refrigerator overnight. Easy no-bake recipes like these will be good for five days. Before serving, stir it gently, add fruits, nuts, or more honey.

Pizza Lettuce Wraps

This quick gluten-free and vegan option is full of leafy goodness. In a bowl, mix one cup each of cherry tomatoes and canned beans. Two tablespoons of shredded cooked turkey pepperoni and one tablespoon each of snipped basil and fresh oregano go in now.

Mix half a cup of reduced-fat mozzarella cheese and Sriracha or other hot sauce. Now divide this mixture into eight equal parts and wrap and roll a lettuce leaf around each portion.

Save More Money with Low-Rate Electricity Plans

While making your kitchen more efficient, you may still use a huge amount of electricity in other rooms. Along with trying these amazing and easy no-bake recipes, you can also save electricity and money in the bathroom with LED light fixtures.

Most of all, you can benefit from switching your current energy plan. Choose the best energy rates in your location at Shop Texas Electricity.

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