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Effortless Ways to Lower Electric Costs

June 26, 2015

Saving Electricity in your home can be really simple. Whether you are a home owner or a person who rents, you can save on electric costs too!

Effortless ways to lower electric costs

Here are some simple ways to lower energy costs:

* Check the thermostat. Cutting back on the air conditioner, or turning it to a higher more comfortable temperature can save you in electricity costs. If you are a home owner, look into having a programmable thermostat.

* Checking the air filter in your home or apartment. Since air filters can get clogged easily, have a landlord check the air filter for cleaning or replacing.

* Switching old bulbs to newer LED and CFL bulbs that are more energy efficient.

* Use power strips to plug all electronics and gadgets into one place.

* Use curtains or drapes to keep cold air in against windows.

* Clean the coils on your refrigerator to make it run better.

* Lowering the temperature on your water heater if possible to 120 if possible.

* Cover power outlets with plugs or covers.

* Weatherstrip windows and the bottoms of doors with caulking glue to prevent air leaks.

By having a low electricity rate, you can also save on your home energy costs. Check to see if you are getting the most affordable electricity rate.

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