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The Benefits of an Energy Audit for Your Texas Homes

March 28, 2011
by admin


Experts previously estimated that if every home in Texas increased their energy efficiency by at least 20 percent, the state would have an energy savings of over $13.7 billion within a 7-year period. Energy efficiency means optimum use of Texas electricity and this can be achieved by making certain home improvements in your home such as repairing leaking air ducts, provide better ventilation, install proper insulation and use energy efficient cooling and heating system as well as other appliances.

But, how can you know if your homes are energy efficient? The only way for you to find out is to get the services of a certified Energy Star professional to conduct an energy audit in your own homes. Unlike other home inspections, this type of energy audits focuses on some of the major elements in a home that causes excessive or wasted use of Texas electricity.  It is a comprehensive approach not only in making your homes more efficient while maintaining comfortable levels, such practices can also help protect the environment.

The Benefits of an Energy Audit 

Texas residents have the power to choose their energy options, but unless cheap electricity is available abundantly, everyone should do their part in conserving energy and protecting the environment. The first step is to make your homes more energy efficient and the first move to take is to have an energy audit conducted in your homes. An energy audit can help you:

  • Lower your use of energy while maintaining comfort in your homes by as much as 20% or even more
  • Protect your cooling and heating system from unnecessary wear and tear by identifying areas in your home that causes hot or cold spells
  • Lower your Houston electricity bills or whatever area your home is located by identifying areas in your home that consume or waste electricity excessively
  • Reduce the proliferation of airborne contaminants and harmful allergens by identifying mold or carbon monoxide hazards as well as improving air circulation, humidity problems, and indoor air quality in your homes
  • Identify equipment that are outdated and consume excessive amounts of electricity and have them replaced by Energy Star certified units. This will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help protect the environment
  • Make your homes qualified to receive Federal Tax incentives as well as State Appliance incentives that can pay you back for the upfront expenses you incurred during home improvements

Energy Audit Options for You 

The first thing that you need to do is to coordinate with Texas electricity utility company to help you schedule a free home energy audit with a certified energy professional. This professional will conduct interviews to understand your concerns on energy use in your homes as well as levels of comfort you are experiencing right now. After the interview, you will be set for the actual energy audit and you can have two options to choose from:

  • Basic Home Energy Assessment – this is a free energy efficiency assessment conducted by an energy auditor. The inspection will include:
  • Inspection of HVAC systems for leakage and equipment condition
  • Inspection of interior and exterior areas in your home for any air or moisture leaks
  • Inspection of attic for insulation, radiant banner, and ventilation
  • Review of your existing utility bills to check what areas you can have potential savings
  • Will provide you with recommendations on repairs and improvements that you should do plus the price for conducting these repairs.
  • Comprehensive Home Energy Audit – homeowners who want a more tangible energy audit can have this premium paid home inspection performed that involves all the elements in a basic home energy assessment as well as other instrumental analysis which can include:
  • Leakage analysis on duct blasters
  • Leakage analysis on blower doors
  • Infrared imaging
  • Combustion analysis for gas
  • Lighting system evaluation
  • Window structure and material evaluation
  • Appliance analysis and evaluations
  • Compliance to codes and standards
  • Identification of required work and the skills/expertise required to perform these work

The energy auditor will help you prepare documentations and report that you can use to get rebates or quality for an Energy Improvement Mortgage that will cover most if not all the cost of making your home more energy efficient.

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