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Energy Conservation: Doing Your Part in This Crusade

September 26, 2010

The latest addition to the “Karate Kid” series of movies included martial-arts action star Jackie Chan, who played the kung-fu master Mr. Han, and Jaden Smith who played 12-year old Dre Parker as the latest martial-arts kid who played the lead role. During one of their earliest scenes, Mr. Han came to Dre’s apartment unit to fix the hot water, only to find out that Dre and his mother did not know how to operate the flip switch that turns the hot water machine on. During the scene, Mr. Han was surprised that Dre and his mother didn’t know about the switch, and the child replied that they don’t use a switch in America – the machine is always on. Mr. Han finally exclaimed, “Use a switch. Save the earth.” What was remarkable about this scene is how it pointed out that people who use electricity can all do their part in the crusade for energy conservation. People have been clamoring and rallying on the streets above saving energy, and yet are not applying simple things as using a switch to turn an electric machine on only when needed. Unless cheap electricity is readily available and abundant for everyone to use, every person who uses Texas electricity or any electrical power for that matter, should do their own little part in conserving energy. And they can start this right in their own homes. The implementation of energy deregulation in some states gave the people the power to choose their retail electric provider, including the option to choose green energy – but simply making the switch is not enough. People can start by turning things on only when needed and not leave a machine or appliance open the whole day – as Jackie Chan in the person of Mr. Han pointed out: Use a Switch! Appliances with heaters are the number one electricity guzzlers in a typical home, so it would be best to use only as necessary. Yes, it is a little inconvenient for many as you have to wait for 20 minutes to get the water to heat up – as pointed out by Mr. Han in the movie – but the amount of energy you said by turning it off most of the day can be truly significant. Turning your computer monitor off when not in use can have a tremendous impact too, particularly if you’re still using the traditional CRT or cathode-ray tube type of monitors. Changing to an LCD monitor is a good way to conserve electricity as these new green monitors consume only a fraction of what CRTs do. Aside from that, leaving any electrical appliances at standby mode for a long time is not a good idea. Yes, those little standby lights consume only trickles of electricity, but if you combine all these trickles – you’ll eventually be faced with a big wave. One way of conserving Texas electricity is by turning off the water heaters in your bath, washing machine, or dishwashing machine occasionally while in use, particularly on a hot fine Texas day. Use the power of the sun to dry your clothes off. The traditional drying of washed plates using towels can be a good energy-conservation idea too. If you really want hot water for your bath, there are now solar-powered water heaters available at affordable prices that you can use. The list of energy-saving measures to conserve Texas electricity can go on and on – the possibilities are endless. What is more important is that you should go out of your way and start doing your part in this crusade – and conserve energy.

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