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Energy Efficiency Myths Busted

January 4, 2021
by dmirza
energy efficiency myths text

Most of us have a common habit – that is, to believe anything that we read. Whether we stumble upon an online magazine or someone shares an article on social media, we trust the content – especially one that talks about energy conservation.

But not everything we come across on the internet is a fact.

Here are some energy efficiency myths that we assume are useful tips that cut down our electricity bills.

A Higher Thermostat Temperature Warms Your Home Faster

Regardless of the thermostat temperature, the space heater or furnace will work hard to achieve the desired comfort levels. If you set it to a higher degree, it will use more energy for a longer time.

What to do? Lower the reading a couple of degrees lower and bulk up on home insulation. Get an energy audit in your home and invest in a smart thermostat that warms each room based on the use, occupancy, and other preferences.

Appliances Don’t Use Energy When Plugged in but Turned off

One of the most common energy efficiency myths is that it is alright to leave your electronics plugged in, provided you turn them off. Smartphone and laptop charges, microwave ovens, TVs, and other appliances lead to vampire power loss since they stay in standby mode.

What to do? Unplug them when you are done, or use smart outlets with timers to save energy. You can also connect them to power strips to switch them all at once. Leave the power strip attached, as it doesn’t contribute to deal load electricity.

Rinsing Dishes Before Using the Dishwasher Saves Energy

Modern dishwashers come equipped with energy-efficient settings that consume less power and ensure thorough cleaning. Hand-washing your dirty dishes actually requires a large amount of hot water. You are not just wasting electricity but also your physical stamina and time.

What to do? Run the dishwasher when full; inadequate loads or improper stacking can drain energy. Also, use an air-dry cycle and energy-saving mode when you run the dishwasher. Install low-flow faucets to reduce the burden on your water heater.

Keeping the Ceiling Fan on Is Sufficient to Cool the Room

A ceiling fan circulates air, but doesn’t condition it. You may be looking for ways to reduce your summer bills, but this tip doesn’t deliver the desired results. Energy wastes away while your bills keep soaring.

What to do? Use your air conditioning unit and ceiling fans simultaneously to keep yourself cool. You can turn up the thermostat a few degrees and feel no difference. Reverse the blade rotation in colder months, and you will reduce winter energy bills as the fan pushes down warm air.

Forget the Energy Efficiency Myths and Switch Your Electricity Plan

Among the most significant energy efficiency myths is that a low-rate electricity plan fetches you lower monthly bills. But extra costs may hide in the fine print. So, learn about different energy plans to choose the right one on Shop Texas Electricity.

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