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Energy-Efficient TV: What to Know Before Buying

March 15, 2021
by dmirza
Energy-Efficient TV

When it is time to buy a new TV, you may be worried about the amount of power it can use. As a result, such upgrades may increase your energy bills. But you should know that the newer models of energy-efficient TVs are high on performance and low on electricity consumption.

Especially when you choose an ENERGY STAR certified smart TV, you can save more money on bills. ENERGY STAR rated fridges and TVs are 70% more efficient and are ideal for energy-conscious buyers.

Energy Efficient TVs Rule the Markets Today

If you look into any retail store, it may be hard to find LCD, plasma, or old-school cathode ray tube television sets. Ever since LED technology has arrived and evolved into various products, it has become the standard. You now see LED (light emitting diode) or OLED (organic light emitting diode) TVs.

Most of these modern-design energy-efficient TVs consume fewer than 150 watts. Even the most demanding, larger-screen versions, with 70 inches, use around 250 watts. So, if you want to watch movies or sports on a big screen, energy consumption should not be a factor to drop your decision to buy one.

Tips to Buy and Use an Energy-Efficient TV

Use the following tips to compare various models:

Features: Consider the added features that consume more power, e.g., wireless connection. If you are buying an ENERGY STAR certified smart TV that has internet connectivity, they use 25% less than conventional models. Furthermore, automatic brightness control and backlighting features adjust the display to the surroundings.

Cost Estimates: Check the black and yellow label or EnergyGuide accompanying each energy-efficient TV model. The annual cost estimates will depend on five hours of viewing per day and a per kWh cost of 12 cents.

TV Type: Although the difference in energy consumption may not be much, choose LEDs over OLEDs if your main focus is on cost savings. Also, the initial price is lower for LED TVs. Moreover, in the LED category, Ultra HD and 4K resolution can cost more and consume more energy compared to standard HD displays.

Quick Start Settings: Your TV is one of the biggest appliances and electronics at home that is an energy vampire. Keep the “always-on” settings or “quick start” feature disabled. It may disable voice control features and take more time to initiate the screen, but you will prevent them from drawing excess standby power.

Unplug the TV: Even an energy-efficient TV can draw phantom load when you leave it plugged in after switching it off. Hence, always remove the plug from the outlet and do the same with all connected devices in the entertainment center, such as DVD player, speakers, etc. Or, you can use a power strip to stop the power supply for all the electronics at once.  

Right Size: Consider the size of the room you are going to set up your TV. Choose a unit that is aptly sized to enhance your TV viewing experience. You should also be sitting at least six feet away from the TV for maximum enjoyment.

Be More Energy Efficient with the Right Electricity Plan

Regardless of the energy-efficient TV type and size, if you have the wrong energy plan for your needs, your monthly bills will soar. Compare affordable rates at Shop Texas Electricity now.

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