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Energy Saving Tips: How to Load Your Dishwasher the Right Way

April 29, 2021
by Ayesha Saini
energy saving tips on how to load dishwasher

It is a fact that operating a full dishwasher load saves more energy than washing dirty dishes by hand. Yet, with dishwasher energy saving tips you can improve its efficiency and lower expenses.

Learning about energy saving tips for dishwasher and applying these practices improves your household’s efficiency.

Guidelines on How to Save Energy with Dishwasher Loading

If you want to enhance your energy savings, reduce water consumption, load your dishwasher correctly. Knowing how and what to stack in your dishwasher racks contributes to efficient operations.

Concentrating on each rack individually will give you a clearer understanding of how to proceed:

Lower Rack Energy Saving Tips

Essential energy saving tips for dishwasher touch upon enabling a better wash by separating dishes you place in the lowest rack. Spatial distancing ensures individual items do not rub against each other nor chip when the machine is operational. Other key aspects include:

  • Placing the dirtiest section of each dish such that it directly faces the water source
  • Stacking larger items on the sides and rear of your bottom rack prevents unnecessary obstructions
  • Loading handled utensils by pointing their corresponding handles downwards
  • Positioning sharp knives so their handles face upwards or you risk getting cut
  • Overturning pot and pans saves dishwasher energy as they do not collect dirty water

Top Rack Energy Saving Tips

Place your plastic containers in the uppermost rack of your dishwasher. The location of your machine’s heating element is on the lower end of your unit and can melt your plastics. For safety reasons, only load dishwasher-safe items into this cleaning device.

Besides, stack all your dirty bowls at an angle towards the middle so they avoid collecting water. For energy saving, position all your larger utensils in the dip between your cups and bowls. The center of your top rack is ideal for stacking long dishes and preventing them from slipping down.

Enhance Dishwasher Efficiency

As a matter of fact, regular cleaning of your unit helps to save energy with dishwasher usage. Operate your dishwasher only when you have a full load of dirty dishes but, avoid overloading it. Allow your washed utensils to air dry instead of activating the heat cycle on your device.

Again, operate such large appliances when the demand for energy is not at its peak. Rinsing your soiled dishes before stacking them in modern dishwashers is a waste of water. Preferably wash metal, cast-iron, and wooden items by hand as these are not dishwasher-friendly.

Switch your provider if your monthly outgoings continue to soar despite using your dishwasher efficiently. You can refer to the many affordable plans available on the Shop Texas Electricity site.

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