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The Latest Energy Saving Tips

June 11, 2013
by admin

Until now you must have been tired reading the same old energy tips such as switching your incandescent bulbs with Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) and buying ENERGY STAR appliances. Even when they are off, many appliances still consume small amounts of electricity, known as the “Phantom Load.” Here are some latest energy tips which might change your way of thinking about the Phantom Load and help you in conserving energy in a different way.

  1. Switch to Natural Gas heating. Natural Gas is less expensive than electric heating and Glacial Energy provides Natural Gas at very competitive rates.
  2. Let the sun in: Sunlight has a very positive effect on your mood as well as a notice change in the temperature of your home. The reduction in your heating bill and the Vitamin D produced by your skin absorbing sunlight will both help feel good.
  3. Close the fireplace: First of all, use the fireplace very sparingly, especially if it is old. Fireplaces can be inefficient and draw out more heat than it produces. If you have a fireplace but do not use it, ensure that it can be closed off by proper doors across the hearth. Otherwise, heat tends to escape out of the house through the fireplace making your heater work harder.
  4. Power strip: Make sure all gaming consoles, DVD players, televisions, and sound systems are all connected to a power strip so they can all be turned off at once. This will prevent consuming the “Phantom Load” of electricity.
  5. Don’t over dry your clothes: Don’t dry your clothes excessively. Your dryer consumes a lot of energy and over drying your clothes can consume a lot of power and is also hard on fabric. Remove your clothes as soon as the dryer is done to prevent extra wrinkling. This makes ironing harder and consumes extra energy. It is equally important to run full loads as it takes just as much energy for a full load as a half or quarter load.
  6. Clean filters: Clean and replace the filters may it be for your air conditioning, vacuum, dryer or dishwasher. A clean, lint-free filter works more efficiently while a clogged filter can impair performance and can even cause a fire hazard.
  7. Oven seal: Make sure your oven is sealed tightly. Even small gaps can allow the heat to escape and waste energy. Not will this ruin your cooking temperature and timing but will also cost you in your electric or gas bill.
  8. Put the lid on when cooking: Cooking with the lid on makes the food cook faster as it retains the heat inside the pot. Shorter cooking times mean faster meal service and less energy used.

Source: We Energies

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