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Energy Vampires to Look Out For in Your Home

May 5, 2021
by Ayesha Saini
energy vampires

A significant increase in household energy consumption and monthly outgoings are among the notable energy vampires symptoms. This happens when many electronic appliances and devices continue to draw power when plugged into electrical outlets even when switched off or idle.

Given the number of gadgets a regular household uses, you must attempt to defeat these phantom loads. Steps to achieve this goal include:

  • Identify the types of energy vampires
  • Plug massive energy feeders into a power strip that can activate or deactivate many devices in an instant
  • Replace old appliances with efficient models that conserve energy even when in standby mode

Recognizing Energy Vampires Symptom

Rarely can a household escape from the presence of energy vampires that consume electricity despite turning them off. Such electrical vampires tick one or more of the listed checkboxes:

  • Have a remote control for operational purposes
  • Rely on an external power supply
  • Have an LED status light and digital display
  • Feature a digital clock
  • Have a soft-touch keypad
  • Include a battery charger provision

Different Types of Energy Vampires Found In Homes

Household devices known to consume the most standby power thereby, displaying energy vampires symptoms include:

HVAC Units

Heating and cooling gadgets are an integral amenity found in most American households. Depending on existing weather conditions, these units circulate appropriate air throughout your home.

In the summer your HVAC systems keep humidity at bay while in the colder months it circulates warm air. These provisions contribute to comfortable living in your residential abode.

Charging Systems

When you charge your phone, camera, or computer, these systems continue to draw phantom energy if not unplugged. You can either inculcate the habit of unplugging your charger or invest in eco-friendly power cords to avoid energy vampires symptoms.

Energy-efficient charging systems automatically deactivate when your corresponding device is fully powered. This keeps your household’s energy consumption in check without demanding your intervention.

Gaming Consoles

Adults and children are equally fascinated by addictive and exciting gaming consoles. The devices with an activated ‘pause’ or ‘ready’ feature consume excessive amounts of energy even when not in use.

Instead of relying on turning off your console once done for the day, set it on power-saving mode. Newer gaming consoles have a user-friendly feature of automatically shifting into power-saving mode on crossing a stipulated period of idle time.


Laptops, tablets, and desktops all consume excess energy when plugged in and not in sleep mode. Opting to recharge these devices the whole night invites energy wastage as on average an hour or two is adequate. Keep these gadgets on sleep mode when idle to prevent them from inflating your energy bills.

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