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Energy Wasting Habits to Avoid from This Moment

December 30, 2020
by dmirza
energy wasting habits text

No one wants to increase their energy bills deliberately. But sometimes, everyone is guilty of wasting electricity at their home unknowingly.

The first step in energy conservation is choosing a low-rate electricity plan for your needs. If you are unhappy with your high power bills, you have the option to switch. Being a Texas consumer means you have the right to select an electricity provider.

Compare various energy plans and rates in your service area on the Shop Texas Electricity platform.

Even after that, following these ways to reduce energy waste:

Quit These Energy Wasting Habits Now!

Regardless of the size and style of your house, saying goodbye to these habits can save a lot of energy:

Leaving Your Lights on

LEDs and CFLs are some of the most energy-efficient lighting options in modern times. Besides, they consume less power than traditional models. However, if you leave them on for long, you will be underestimating the amount of electricity they spend. So, make it a point to turn the lights off when you don’t need them.

Not Using Smart Heating Solutions

Among the ways to reduce energy waste, make some modifications to your water heater thermostat or the older device that warms your home. If the water heater is set over 120 degrees, it drains power; so, drop the temperature and lower your bills. Likewise, use a smart thermostat and program with varying levels for different rooms and purposes.

Overusing the Refrigerator or Opening It Often

If there are warm items in the refrigerator, they take more time to cool. Similarly, your freezer will work overtime if you place hot water in the ice cube trays. Therefore, let hot items come back to room temperature before storing them in the fridge.

Many people get midnight cravings and keep checking what they have stored in the fridge. Aside from the fact that consuming calories at such a time can affect your health, such energy-wasting habits drive up the bills.

Opening and closing the door often a day can cause heat loss and reduced performance. Hence, avoid these “drive-by” snacking and stick to eating at particular times.

Forgetting Your HVAC Unit’s Needs

Even for a new heating and cooling system, you should replace the filters after a few months of use. Otherwise, you have decreased indoor comfort and improper air circulation. People are forgetful of this seemingly easy task, reducing the efficiency of the HVAC unit. Also, if you don’t need to heat or cool two or three rooms, close the vents in those areas to get significant energy savings.

Take Action Now and Save Energy

Besides the above ways to reduce energy waste, use air-dry settings for the dishwasher and cold water to do your laundry. Also, run the dishwasher and clothes washer-dryer on full loads. 

Use power strips to connect several appliances, and shut them off all at once to prevent vampire electricity loss. Choose an ideal electricity plan for your home needs and watch the monthly utility bills go down.

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