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Reducing Your Environmental Footprint by Using Green Energy

September 7, 2010

Studies have shown that businesses and other establishments in the state operating within a single 20-storey building can consume up to 4 million kilowatts of Texas electricity per year. Aside from this considerable amount of consumption for energy, its use would also result in over 4000 tons of greenhouse gasses, which is roughly equivalent to approximately a thousand cars each year. These greenhouse gas emissions or GHG produced by a product, establishment or an event is used to measure its carbon footprint.

Businesses, organizations and even individuals are now more aware of the impact of their carbon footprints on climate change and environmental sustainability that many have engaged in mitigation actions called carbon offsetting on their own. Many do this through their reduction of Texas electricity usage through conservation programs as well as through the use of alternative green energy sources. With the Texas electricity deregulation, residents and businesses have the power to choose not only cheap electricity options but also Texas electric companies that utilize green energy sources for power generation.

Available Green Energy Sources


In Texas, one of the most popularly used green energy sources that can generate Texas electricity is wind energy. Through a rotating series of wind turbines, sustainable energy can be generated that can be used to power homes and businesses while reducing their carbon footprints. Texas has been at the forefront of generating electricity through the use of wind turbines situated in the various wind farms across the state. Wind power generation in Texas is very efficient and very effective in generating Texas electricity, which not only benefits Texas residents and businesses but adjacent states as well.

Another popular energy source is solar energy that makes use of photovoltaic cells to harness the power of the sun and generate Texas electricity. Solar energy is one of the most important green energy sources, making use of a renewable and always available energy source – the sun. Other renewable green energy sources that individuals and establishments can use include geothermal, water turbines, and organic matter or biomass.


Renewable Energy Certificates and Your Business

Businesses choosing Texas electric companies that utilize green energy sources are making a commitment to reduce their carbon footprints. Businesses can also purchase Renewable Energy Certificate’s or RECs and help offset the cost difference between green energy resources and standard energy production as well as create a bigger demand for the further transformation on the energy sector.

These RECs is a way of reducing a company’s net emissions which will eventually create environmental benefits such as the reduction of pollution and reducing the impact on climate change. A renewable energy certificate or what is also popularly known as Green tag, Renewable Energy Credits or Tradable Renewable Certificate is a representative proof that 1 MWh (megawatt-hour) of Texas electricity was generated through green or renewable energy means.

Reducing your carbon footprint is part of the social responsibilities of individuals or businesses and should be properly addressed and supported. There are many ways and programs on how carbon footprints can be mitigated, and making the choice and Shop Texas electricity from green energy sources is one of the most effective ways for this to commence.

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