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Essentials of Energy-Saving Landscaping in Texas

April 8, 2021
by dmirza
Energy-Saving Landscaping

Landscaping your Texas backyard adds to its aesthetic appeal and helps lower your cooling and heating costs. With energy-saving landscaping you can prevent winter heat loss and reduce heat gain in scorching summers. As a homeowner, your vision to beautify your property and save energy can come true.

Thoughtfully created energy-efficient backyard plans guarantee results on execution. Make your home a shady retreat in the summers and allow the winter sun to warm your living space with strategic placements. The positioning of trees, fences, and other landscaping elements cannot be randomly done when you aim for energy efficiency.

Summer Energy Saving Landscaping

In Texas summers, reducing your cooling costs and maximizing the efficiency of your AC help save energy. Hence, consider the listed energy-efficient backyard ideas:

  • Build a shady and open structure like a vine-covered pergola that lets the cool breeze in without trapping heat.
  • Position patios, decks, and porches on the east end of your residential structure. You can then enjoy these amenities without having to suffer the harsh afternoon sun.
  • Lean towards wood chips and darker stone for the ground cover to absorb the summer heat. Concrete and granite reflect more heat and are not considered energy-saving landscaping.
  • Plant deciduous trees to shield your south and west-facing windows from direct sun.
  • Position a wall on one end of your property and a row of trees at the other. This wind tunnel effect encourages strong cooling breezes around your home.
  • Install a water feature and choosing a size depending on the area you wish to keep cool.

Winter Energy-Efficient Landscaping

In the Texas cold, your heating bills tend to peak so, adopt ways to keep them in check.  So, here are landscaping recommendations to cut your heating costs:

  • Create dead air space by positioning berms or walls close to but not touching your residential structure. The space between slows your indoor heat from escaping.
  • Plant deciduous trees on your home’s southern end as their bare winter branches allow sunlight to enter.
  • Green and open lawn areas are an energy-saving landscaping provision where snow can accumulate. As light reflects off the pile of snow on your home, it offers radiant heat.
  • Construct a semi-open and tall fence enveloping your home to effectively lessen the effect of biting winter winds.
  • Design a patio around your home with a concrete or stone surface that reflects solar energy.

Lower energy costs by surrounding your Texas home with landscaping that proves mutually beneficial across changing seasons. Besides, you can access feasible plans on the Shop Texas Electricity platform and change over to a reliable service provider.

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