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Extend the Lifespan of Your Washer and Dryer and Save Money in the Laundry Room

March 22, 2021
by dmirza
Save Money in the Laundry Room

You may be wondering how to save money in the laundry room.It is actually a concern of several residents in Texas.

Even if you do laundry once every week, it is no one’s favorite task.

Perhaps you have a task-chart at home that assigns who does what in a week. You then notice that not everyone does the job the same way, and energy may waste.

In such cases, are there any ways to save money and avoid repairs on your washer and dryer?

Adding More Years to the Washer

On average, your washer and dryer may last for about 20 years. But given that all newly purchased appliances develop repairs as soon as within five years, washer and dryer maintenance is of the utmost importance.

Here are some expert tips to save money in the laundry room:

Wash Full Loads and with Cold Water

Most soiled clothes don’t require hot water unless they are particularly dirty or muddy. For your daily wear, cold water will be sufficient. Furthermore, it will reduce the energy intake in half.

Besides, you can use high-efficiency detergents with cold water. So, you have much cleaner clothes without any extra cost. Finally, no matter the load size, the washer uses the same energy; so, fill it.

Dry Continuous Loads of the Right Size

While the washer does its work on the second batch, put in the first batch of washed load in the dryer. Immediately after that, load the second batch of clothes.

Since the dryer is already warm, it will consume less electricity. So, you can save money in the laundry room.

Take care not to stuff it, or else the clothes won’t dry adequately. That said, use dryer balls (not dryer sheets that promote static) or air dry the loads on a clothesline under the sun.

Use Extended Spin Cycles in the Washer

High-speed cycles remove the maximum amount of moisture in the final spin. As there will be very little to dry, your clothes will also undergo minimal wear and tear.

In newer models of washer-dryers, you can also find moisture sensors that can detect when the clothes are dry enough. The dryer immediately turns off, preventing excessive and unnecessary use of energy.

Use the Right Dryer Settings

Low-heat settings on your dryer save money in the laundry room as the machine uses less energy. This way, you won’t be over-drying the clothes. In addition, you can use a cool-down cycle if the model has it. It will allow the last segment of the drying process to finish with the remaining heat.

Likewise, scrub the filter periodically to remove film buildup and improve air circulation. Other washer and dryer maintenance tips include separating the clothes per their weight. Heavier-weight garments and towels need more time to dry, and so, doing them in a different load will save energy.

Save Money in the Laundry Room with Time-of-Use Energy Plans

You can buy ENERGY STAR-certified appliances to save money in the laundry room. They last longer and consume less power.

You can choose the ideal electricity plan for your needs, such as a free nights energy plan, and save money now.

Compare various types of home energy plans on Shop Texas Electricity.

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