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Five Top Environmental Issues and What You Can Do About Them

February 5, 2021
by dmirza
map of world created by trees

The world is continuously changing. And if we don’t take proper care, it may not always be a good thing.

You may be wondering about how to prevent them from turning severe.

Below are five top environmental issues of today. Furthermore, you can find simple solutions we can use in our daily lives.

1.   Air Pollution

In developed countries with educated people, air quality has increased in the past five decades. However, it is an issue in regions with large populations.

Although, some states in the first-world countries rank low in air quality and acceptable particulate matter. Many cities in California have areas with the most polluted ground-level ozone.

2.   Global Warming

Industrial wastes, vehicles using diesel and gasoline, and non-renewable energy generation methods release toxins. They cause a rise in global temperatures.

They can cause top environmental issues like:

  • Acid rains
  • Melting glaciers
  • Floods and famines
  • Wildfires
  • Air pollution
  • Ozone depletion
  • Loss of biodiversity
  • Destruction of crops
  • Food shortage
  • Ecological imbalance

3.   Waste Generation

Improper garbage handling methods have made our planet a vast landfill. Besides, we use plastic excessively and throw it in garbage bins.

Such nonbiodegradable trash pollutes our surroundings. These items include electronic waste, such as batteries, computers, smartphones, etc.

As a result, diseases spread around the dumping yards and lead to permanent impairment in children. When you burn wastes openly, they release toxic gases. In turn, these increase one of the top environmental issues, namely global warming.

4.   Deforestation

The growing urban population is one of the primary reasons for cutting down forests. Mining, drilling, the industrial sector, and animal agriculture are other causes.

The first impact of this situation is a threat to wildlife habitat. More recently, orangutans lost their homes as forests got replaced by palm trees. The extracted palm oil is the main ingredient in soaps and cleaning products.

5.   Water Pollution

Human sewage, pesticides from your lawns, incorrect disposal of wastes, etc., can cause water pollution. Synthetic drugs, cosmetics, plastic, etc., threaten marine life.

On the global level, oil spills in the oceans disrupt the water ecology. We keep hearing about turtles eating plastic pieces or coral reefs dying. These are the extreme results of our careless acts.

Practical Solutions to the Top Environmental Issues

Things you can do to fight top environmental issues:

  1. Whether it is reading books or paying your bill, go paperless. It not only reduces wastes but also saves forests from getting chopped.
  2. Sort your trash in the right bins and encourage recycling. In addition, you can compost organic waste to grow more plants.
  3. Use rainwater harvesting methods and install low-flow bathroom fixtures to save water.
  4. Be sustainable and save electricity in your home. For instance, you can make use of natural sunlight during the day.
  5. Say yes to renewable energy plans and switch to electric vehicles that don’t use fossil fuels. Or, choose bicycling or walking.

Reduce the impact of top environmental issues by picking a non-polluting energy plan from Shop Texas Electricity!

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