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Future Possibilities for Texas Electricity

December 4, 2010
by admin

For the people of Texas, electrical devices and appliances have been in existence for a long time now and most if not all have evolved to something better and more efficient – with the intent of making lives better. Appliances however, are not the only things that evolved through the years but also in the way people use Texas electricity on a day-to-day basis.

The need for power continues to grow constantly and in parallel with further growth in population. However, the country’s current power infrastructure and technologies are not enough to fully supply power needs without any problems and related issues. Outages still occur in various locations across the nation and according to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) these outages are costing the US economy approximately 100 billion dollars a year – and could rise to $300 per year if these issues are not addressed.

Aside from the cost implications on the economy, current technologies used extensively in the electricity industry continue to emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases. In Texas, 33 percent of the state’s CO2 emissions come from power generation used for both residential and business electricity requirements, a figure that will continue to grow unless greenhouse gas contributors are curbed.

Taking all these into consideration, the state is currently focused in diversifying and upgrading existing power sources that can both address the state’s power needs as well as significantly reducing contributors to global warming.

The Current Status of Texas Electricity

Texas is one of the major states in the country with the fastest and most vigorous growth, including new power generation capabilities of over 25 gigawatts installed during the past decade. Despite this, unscheduled power outages and other problems continue to occur particularly when temperatures rise above 100 degrees due to the weather.

The state’s population is expected to increase by over 6 million new residents in the coming years. The economy will likewise grow by 2.3 percent per year. Cities such as Houston will continue to demand an additional 1 to 2 GW of Houston Electricity on an annual basis. Without additional generation possibilities, reserves may go down to below reliable levels.

Current Trends that Will Set the Future of Texas Electricity

To address these issues, various alternative technologies are currently being developed and are expected to play significant roles in the future of Texas Electricity. In an energy deregulated market, residents now have the power to choose these alternative options not only for their economic impacts, but for the environmental aspects as well.

* Further Developments in Solar Power

Texas is aggressively developing solar energy resources and photovoltaic systems that can generate 3,500 to 7,500 Whr per square meter of concentrated solar energy. With these systems, one square mile of solar panels can provide Texas electricity to more than 1,600 homes on a yearly basis.

* Further Developments in Wind Power

Texas is still the number 1 producer of wind power with an existing 5,605 MW capacity which has possibility to grow and develop a potential capacity of up to 136,100 MW of power.

* Expanded Use of Biomass Power

With 20.7 million tons of biomass available for use each year, the potential for generating up to 4,100 MW of biomass power can be achieved in the coming years.

Impact on the People of Texas

These future possibilities for Texas electricity will have a tremendous positive impact on the people of the state. Not only will these prove potential generators of cheap electricity, these future power generation technologies can bring about more jobs, a stronger economy for the state and the country, and considerable monetary savings for the people.

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