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Holiday Energy-Saving Tips: Smart Techniques to Conserve Energy

December 16, 2020
by dmirza
holiday energy-saving tips for your home

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year, and in Texas, everything we do is on a grand scale. The same applies to the holidays when family and friends gather around in the house, and scrumptious food and glad tidings beckon.

It is also when we expend the most power. Whether it is the decorations or cooking experiments, there is scope to save energy during the holidays.

Smart Holiday Energy-Saving Tips

You cannot imagine the holidays without elements like lighting and presents. Here’s how to save energy and money with some smart moves:

Buy Energy-Efficient Gifts

Think of durable, recyclable, and natural products to give to your loved ones. If gadgets are your go-to presents, pick products that use green energy, such as sun-powered flashlights or ENERGY STAR devices.

Also, look into Wi-Fi compatible thermostats for your friends that love home automation systems. Or save energy during the holidays by gifting the standard sweater, fuzzy socks, or hand-made quilts.

Stop Phantom Energy Draws

You may turn off the TV and music when your family is playing cards or charades, but if the appliances are plugged in, they still consume energy.

These energy vampires increase your bills with idle load electricity. You can try using smart outlets and power strips to switch off many devices at the same time.

Other holiday energy-saving tips while entertaining include turning down the thermostat when cooking. The hot food, warmth from the stove, and the crowd are enough to keep everyone comfortable.

Smart Cooking Tips

Preheating is not necessary for most dishes, even if the recipe says so. You can work around it to create amazing delicacies in its absence.

Also, use a microwave whenever possible instead of an oven. That said, modern ovens are more energy-efficient and can retain heat even if you turn them off before 10-15 minutes, provided you don’t open the door.

And when you are done, open the oven door and let the heat enter the room instead of escaping via the vents. Save energy during the holidays with glass or ceramic to cook dishes, as they use less energy, cook food faster, and hold heat for longer.

Get LED Festive Lights

No matter how many holiday energy-saving tips you want to try, you cannot let your home look bland without festive lighting.

Light decorations imbibe a happy vibe and set the mood. But it is also possible to get the effect you desire and impress the neighbors with LED options.

LED Christmas lights are cheaper than normal lights, more durable, and available anywhere. You can also use fiber optic cables and create innovative light effects.

It is common to splurge during the end-of-the-year celebrations. Whether you want to save energy during the holidays or the rest of the seasons, having a good electricity plan can help.

Shop low-rate electric plans on Shop Texas Electricity and enjoy the holidays in peace.

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