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How to Clear Cloudy Pool Water Fast and Save Heating Costs?

April 20, 2021
by dmirza
clear Cloudy Pool Water

A clean pool keeps all corresponding equipment functioning optimally, including your heater. Before learning how to clear cloudy pool water fast, you need to understand what causes this condition.

In fact, the contaminants present within your cloudy pool make it lose heat and increase your heating costs.

Causes for Cloudy Pool Water

Your pool water may reflect a cloudy look due to the factors listed here:

Filtration System

Linking murky pool water to some issue in the filtration process is justifiable as the filter’s role is to clean. When your filter system does not function properly, it fails to effectively capture the contaminants entering your pool. And also increases your electricity costs because the filter has to work overtime.

Environmental Factors

There are many elements that cause an imbalance in the water’s chemistry. Bodily oils, hair, the weather, surrounding landscape, birds, and other creatures contribute to the cloudy aspect.

Pool Chemicals

Excess use of pool chemicals known to have high pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium can make the water cloudy.

How To Clear Cloudy Pool Water Fast?

After investigating the possible causes for your cloudy pool water, resort to the following DIY pool maintenance solutions:

Examine Your Filter

If you have a cartridge filter, soak it for long in a tub containing water mixed with a filter cleaner. Give the cartridge a thorough rinse after a few hours of soaking. When your cartridge filter is over five years old, replace it.

Sand filters need backwashing every fortnight for a few minutes till the murky water turns clear. The lifespan of filter sand is between five to ten years. When you notice dirty water continues to emanate after nearing five minutes of backwashing, it’s time to replace the sand.

Add a Coagulant Pool Water Clarifier

Pool clarifiers provide solutions when debating how to clear cloudy pool water fast.Yet, avoid using them when you have a cartridge filter as the chemicals may clog your filter’s paper pleats. These clarifiers gather tiny particles responsible for making your pool water cloudy and make it easier to filter them out.

Use Pool Flocculants

Again, pool flocculants are not advisable for use when you have a cartridge filter. The flocculant can overnight gather all the contaminants causing cloudy water and make them settle on your pool flooring. Use a pool pump to manually vacuum the unwanted particles after turning on your sand filter’s backwash or waste setting.

Vacuum the Waste

Another DIY pool maintenance trick is to invert your manual vacuum cleaner and create a vacuum at the pool’s base. This allows your pool filter to pull dirty water from the pool’s floor and release filtered water on top. Your pool water now looks clear as the cloudy cover disappears.

Cut back on costs to keep your pool functional by choosing an electricity plan that works for you. Affordable residential plans available on the Shop Texas Electricity platform help save heating costs.

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