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How to Cut Operational Costs for Your Business

June 11, 2016

Did you know that you can make your business work for you to reduce operating costs? There are quite a few things related to energy use that will reduce your operational expenses by cutting waste and getting low commercial electricity rates in Texas. We’ll give you some quick and easy tips to take your business to the top by getting to the bottom of your energy bill.


  • Landscape
    If you have your own building and property, landscaping can improve the value of the property and reduce energy. By shading a building with trees, you’ll keep it cooler in the summer, so the AC doesn’t have to run as often.How to Cut Operational Costs for Your Business
    Developing apps for smart phones is a great way to engage your customers on a level that’s easily accessible. Using apps to communicate with your business, pay bills, or otherwise access their information reduces the electricity drawn from higher powered devices like computers. It can also save a lot on paper expenses if you transfer data electronically rather than by mail.
  • HVAC Service
    Keep your business cool and energy efficient by servicing your HVAC system. Have a certified technician perform routine maintenance on the system once or twice per year, making sure it’s working at peak capacity. Also be sure that the filters are replaced every month to ensure proper airflow.
  • Equipment Upgrade
    Upgrading old computers, printers, and scanners to more energy efficient models will reduce your electricity costs. Shut off any unused equipment when you go home for the day to save even more energy.
  • Refrigerators
    Clean the coils of any refrigerators you have at your office to keep them working efficiently. Keeping them well stocked and not empty actually reduces energy use for the fridge too. The chilled drinks and food inside retain cold temperatures for a short time even when the door is opened to grab something, so the compressor has less cold air to make up for once the door is closed again.
  • Switching Electricity Plans
    Changing to a new energy plan can also save your business a lot of money. Commercial electricity rates in Texas are typically custom tailored based on your business’ energy usage history. REPs will offer different rates based on this history and you can choose the one whose contract and rate best suit your needs.
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