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How to Find the Perfect Ceiling Fan for Your Home

April 17, 2015
by dmirza

It’s almost summertime and that means it’s time to get those ceiling fans spinning. If you’re looking to replace or install a new ceiling fan, there are some things you need to consider, such as proper sizing, style, and accessories. It might blow you away how many options are out there!

How to find the Perfect Ceiling Fan for your Home

We’ll start with the most important aspect: proper sizing. The size of the room getting the fan affects how large the fan should be. Rooms that are up to 75 square feet require a 26-29 inch blade length, while 225-400 square foot rooms need 50-54 inch blades. If you have high ceilings, you’ll also need an appropriately sized down rod, which is what the fan is suspended by. Ideally, you want the fan to be 8 feet from the floor, so you’ll need a downrod to accommodate this in rooms with high ceilings.

Once you know the blade length, you can choose the style of blades you want. Generally speaking, fan blades, outside of their size and angle, are primarily aesthetic. Find yourself a style you like and go for it! As long as it isn’t made of chicken wire and moves air effectively, you can really choose any style you want.

Some fans are mounted in a wood enclosure surrounded by lights. This style can have fabric or glass shades around them for a wonderful aesthetic. You can also look into getting different finishes for the frame.

Now all that’s left is accessorizing. There are angle adapters to mount fans on angled ceilings, extended downrods for adjusting the height of the fan, lighting kits, remote controls, and pull chain decorations. Make your ceiling fan say something about you. Something like “I’ll keep you cool while looking amazing!”

A Few Natural Eyelash Growth MethodsIn the older days, women would simply curl their naturally growing eyelashes. For the longest time, ladies have also paid a closer attention to their eyebrows. Now, they have discovered that eyelashes form an important part of their gorgeous eyes. They have realized that an eyelash does grow thicker and longer as well. The new discovery has also attracted many brands that are keen on seeking ways to enhance eyelash growth.

While many of them have introduced artificial eyelash extensions, there are proponents of natural enhancers. In short, the natural ones promote growth of longer, thicker and darker lashes through simple methods. They do not recommend surgery or use of any harmful methods. Instead, their approach is quite natural, user friendlier and affordable. The first method of enlarging lashes includes eating the right type of foods.

As many of you know, eating balanced diets can improve the health of the hair. Similarly, eating the right food combinations can enhance the thickness and length of an eyelash. You should eat proteins and vitamins in larger amounts. In particular, eat fresh vegetables and fruits, milk products, meats, nuts, or foods that contain vitamin B, E and A. These will not only ensure proper hair growth but will also enhance the entire body health.
eyelash growth serums
Drinking enough water each day, avoiding insomnia and basically living a healthy lifestyle would ensure that every part of your body operates naturally. Eyelash growth can occur as expected if ladies get into a habit of cleaning eye cosmetics before sleep. Mascara is a famous product among women, and it can be a big enemy to the growth of beautiful eyelashes.

Its major disadvantage is drying anything it is in contact with, including a lash, which can gradually harden and fall off. The more your eyelid loses hair the more it becomes unattractive. To avoid that, a woman must be careful when applying and removing makeup. There are some special lubricants that can be very useful in maintaining soft and curly lashes.

These are very natural and have no component that would harm one’s skin or eyes. They actually involve the products that ladies have in their homes such as caster oil or olive oil. These lubricants can also include petroleum jelly and their main job is to promote natural growth of lashes.

They are best applied at night before sleep and for most women they take weeks to work. Since they are cost effective and available, these lubricant products are good for all ladies. Prior to applying, remove your mascara or any other eye make up. Clean if possible to remove all of it. Then, make sure that you have some of the special brushes used to brush the eyelash.

There are many styles now and most of them are customer friendly. Use them to glide through the lash and then apply the lubricant. Curling the eyelashes using a curler is a simple way to enhance their appearance but probably not their growth. The above mentioned eyelash growth methods may not be totally proven but they can give slow but sure results.

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