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How to Reduce Standby Power Consumption with Power Strips

June 3, 2021
by Ayesha Saini
power strips

Devices that consume energy despite switching them off are electronic vampires. With smart power strips, you can reduce such wastage and lower your monthly energy bill. These strips disable the power supply to connected devices when not in use.

Increasing dependence on electronic appliances demands you discourage wasteful energy consumption. As a result, you can reduce standby power consumption even when your devices remain plugged into electrical outlets by connecting them to smart strips.

Traditional Vs. Smart Power Strips

Standby power drain greatly contributes to your daily energy use. Thus, limiting such wasteful depletion becomes necessary. Again, traditional strips protect your devices from an electrical surge but, fail to address the standby mode energy usage.

Their smart counterparts can detect devices on standby mode and promptly cut off their power supply. This strategy has a dual benefit as it reduces your energy usage and decreases your utility bills.

Intelligent Switching Mechanism Conserves Energy

All power strips provide several outlets thereby, allowing you to connect many devices. Some latest strips are even fitted with motion detectors that disconnect power on sensing an absence of movement. Infrared sensors help achieve such precision within a defined timeframe.

A smart power strip can differentiate between outlets that need a regular power supply and those that do not. As a result, this ensures devices on standby mode do not unnecessarily drain energy. Smart strips, by all means accurately sync your electronic devices and their corresponding power outlets.

Achieving Reduction In Standby Power Consumption

Usage of power strips can bring your standby power consumption down provided you use the smart variety. In addition, recognizing which smart strip to choose from among those available is essential.

Here are some handy guidelines to make an accurate selection:

Assess Compatibility of Detection Method

Smart strips that use USB cables for standby mode detection are not always effective. Besides, the computer devices you attach to the power strip invariably carry on powering those same USB ports. Again, this continues even on cutting power supply to the relevant device.

Likewise, a motion detector smart strip although ideal for lamps could backfire for your computer. If you walk away leaving your system idle for a bit, the power strip will shut it down erasing unsaved work. Thus, connect only those devices compatible with the strip’s detection method to reduce standby power consumption.

Adjust Voltage Sensitivity

Your smart power strip should automatically shut down devices on standby mode. So when this fails to happen, adjust your strip’s voltage sensitivity. This control feature ensures your power strip functions effectively.

Plug your most used devices into your smart power strip. Combining this move with a relook at your current energy plan enhances your savings. The Shop Texas Electricity platform has affordable deals worth evaluating.

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