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How to Use Your Free Nights Electricity Plan the Right Way?

January 12, 2021
by dmirza
text that says free nights electricity plan

Texas electricity providers offer various affordable and convenient options to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Some of their promotions include a free nights electricity plan.

Whether you choose first-month free electricity or free nights and weekends electricity plans, you can significantly lower your bills. But it is crucial to utilize these free power hours wisely. Otherwise, you may end up paying more.

So, here is how to make the most of these plans:

Get the Best Decorations in the Neighborhood

Be it the New Year’s Eve or a backyard wedding reception party hosted for your close friends, lighting decorations are a top priority. Even a simple gathering in your outdoor kitchen can come alive with bright and colorful energy-saving LEDs.

You cut down costs on lighting with free nights electricity plans. You can upgrade your home security systems with motion-sensors lights, video monitors, night vision cameras, etc.

Furthermore, you can take up expensive hobbies that consume high amounts of power. You can even prepare sweet goodies for your family after work.

Save More Greens with Green Options

If you are an eco-conscious Texan, you may already have an electric car. Its energy consumption will be high. For instance, it can cost around $9 to charge a 66-kWh battery fully.

You can plug it in at night since you get free power. As a result, you can save this amount and splurge it on other important things, such as a surprise weekend getaway.

Even if you don’t own an EV (electric vehicle), you may own several electronic gadgets. Accordingly, refill the battery of your laptop, smartphone, or power bank in the free energy duration.

Stay Warm at All Times with a Free Nights Electricity Plan

Winter is all about layering up and snuggling in your bed, wrapped in the thickest blanket you can find. But when you wake up in the night and visit the washroom, all hell breaks loose. As soon as you get up from the bed, the floor feels as cold as ice, and you take a quick jump back.

However, when you can heat all rooms with the first-month free electricity, you don’t need to worry about lightening your wallet.

In the same way, why not soak in the hot tub and beat those winter blues? In addition, you can get an electric pool heater to improve blood circulation.

Do Late Night Dishes and Laundry

Use your free nights electricity plan to reduce the burden of household chores.

As you know, dirty dishes and soiled clothes have a way of piling up whether you share a house with friends or live with family. Besides, you may be tracking turns to finish the job during the busy days.

With free power at your leisure time, get to the tasks more comfortably while watching a TV series or cozying up by the fireplace. Toss in the biggest loads ever as you sleep through the night and relish the off-peak hours rates.

Find the most reliable electric providers and free nights electricity plans in your location on Shop Texas Electricity.

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