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Improve the Energy Efficiency of Older Homes With These Upgrades

December 9, 2020
by dmirza
improve the energy efficiency of your home text

Older homes built a few decades ago have a fascinating charm and rich history but put a strain on your pocket with excess energy usage.

Homeowners can improve the energy efficiency of their homes by installing sealants and weather stripping around windows and doors.

Besides, replacing outdated features with key energy-efficient home upgrades can add significant value to your properties. Here are some ideas.

Add an Extra Layer of Insulation

Heat loss mostly happens through the attic. Areas like the attic, basement, exterior walls, and crawl space of an old house will do well with added insulation.

It can improve the energy efficiency of an old home and lower your monthly electricity usage. You can also recoup your investment in around five years in the form of cost savings on your utility bills.

Buy Energy Star Products

One of the best home upgrades for energy efficiency is switching to ENERGY STAR products and household appliances.

These include your HVAC system, refrigerator, clothes washer-dryer, electronic equipment, etc. Furthermore, you have to take additional care, like leaving a few inches of space around your fridge for proper air circulation.

Likewise, you can also install storm windows to improve interior comfort and reduce energy wastage. ENERGY STAR windows and doors can shrink your energy bills by almost 12%.

Use CFL and LED Light Bulbs

If you are using incandescent lights, it’s time to try energy-efficient home upgrades in the form of LED light fixtures. While lighting contributes to 11% of your home’s energy budget, you can bring it down by 50-75% with new lighting technologies.

Compact fluorescents (CFLs) are also more energy-efficient as they consume about one-third of standard bulbs. They are available in dimmable versions and last ten times longer.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Smart thermostats are by far the most significant energy-efficient home upgrades you can ask for. They come in programmable models that allow you to regulate your home’s temperature automatically.

Newer versions also have climate-control systems that let you control it even remotely. You can save on energy when you are away or adjust the temperature while you are in bed. Once you program it, your device remembers the settings and lowers your annual heating and cooling bills by about 10%.

Consider Prepaid Electricity

One crucial change you can make in your lifestyle is the way you consume power. Living in Texas allows you to choose the right electricity plan for your home needs and usage levels. If keeping the bills down is a problem, consider getting a prepaid electricity plan.

This tweak can prove to be among the best home upgrades for energy efficiency. You will receive a smart meter that tracks your power consumption by the minute. Prepaid plans need you to pay ahead, and so you can monitor and adjust your energy spending.

Try Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades to Make Your Old Home a New One

Sticking to your home’s monthly electricity budget is one of the ways to improve energy efficiency. Lower your power bills by changing your energy habits.

Find affordable electricity plans now! Enter your Zip code in the following field to compare energy rates of top-rated providers.

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