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Keep Your Cool: Harnessing AC Efficiency for Business Savings

May 31, 2016
by dmirza

Running a business here in Texas also means running the AC all summer long. It gets pretty hot here, so it’s no surprise that the AC is always on. This unfortunately tends to lead to high energy bills, even if you have low business electricity rates. A slippery slope concerning air conditioners in your business is that it can affect future business electricity rates in Texas down the line.

Businesses generally will get custom tailored quotes for energy rates. These quotes are based on the amount of energy you’re using on a monthly basis. In order to get the most out of your energy rates and your electricity plan, conserving energy is a must. The air conditioner is a very good place to start.

Getting a tune-up for your AC just before summer will improve its efficiency, but there are many other steps you can take to make it more efficient and save your business money. There are four major ways to improve AC efficiency.

  1. Sealed Building
    Keep all windows and any doors that lead outside shut while the AC is on. Cool air will always try to escape outside during the summer, and keeping it in is paramount to energy savings. Besides, if the office doesn’t get cooler but the AC keeps running, it could freeze over, causing extensive damage.
  2. Energy Efficient Electronics
    You may not think so, but your electronics affect how effective your AC is. While computers, monitors, and other devices are running, they are generating heat. Computer CPUs and server racks generate a lot of heat that your AC tries to compensate for. Downsizing these units to only the necessities and shutting off any that are not in use will directly save you energy and will also reduce the load on your AC, saving even more energy.
  3. Thermostat Control
    There’s no point in cooling an empty office. When everyone goes home for the day, shut off the AC. If you have a programmable thermostat, set it up to automatically adjust the temperature just before the first person arrives to work and just after the last person leaves. If your office follows a regular daily schedule, this will keep the office comfortable while still keeping the AC off the whole time it’s unoccupied, which will save a lot of energy.
  4. Regular Maintenance
    In addition to getting a tune-up for your AC before summer, get another one in the fall just before winter. The winter tune-up is for the heating portion of your HVAC and will save money over the colder months. You should also change the air filter every one to three months as needed. Clogged filters reduce airflow, which makes the AC work harder.

Following these tips will help you reduce your business electricity bill each month and save your business money. You can save even more money by getting a new custom quote for business electricity rates in Texas through Shop Texas Electricity. We’ll search through several energy providers for you and present you with a quote that will save your business even more.

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