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List of Places You Can Keep Cool During the Houston Heat Wave

July 26, 2021
by Ayesha Saini
stay cool in this houston heat wave

As you brace yourself for the Houston heat wave, your safety and those you care about must take priority. When you cannot avoid spending long stretches in the sun, frequent shady breaks become a necessity.

Luckily, Houston cool finds provide a safe retreat to beat the heat outside your home. These family-friendly destinations with a host of fun activities appeal to all age groups and above all, keep you cool.

Places To Escape the Houston Heat Wave

Houston witnesses extreme heat as summer peaks and demands you hydrate and refrain from strenuous activity. In summer, you desire refreshing cool weather more than ever.

The listed places serve as a welcome getaway from such unbearably hot conditions:

Space Center Houston

This center’s cool environment offers exciting tours suitable for the entire family. While here, you and your kids discover more about the space world. There are fun activities and an exclusive space place for kids to amuse themselves. The space center’s theaters also screen relevant movies for your viewing pleasure.  

Hermann Park Conservancy

Considering entry to Hermann Park is free, it is an attractive low-cost getaway from the heat wave. Its bridges, waterfalls, and lake where you can splash around in a rented paddleboat are so inviting in summer. What adds to the cooling appeal of this conservancy park is its Japanese garden that houses beautiful exotic plants.

Kemah Boardwalk

Located on the heavenly waterfront, Kemeh Boardwalk is not far from downtown Houston. All year round, some festival or event is on for you and your family to enjoy. Besides, the amusement rides, games, shops, and restaurants will entertain you. For a reasonable price, you can source all-day passes to access unlimited rides.

Williams Waterwall

An iconic Houston landmark is the Williams man-made falls in a horseshoe shape. This seven-story high waterwall looks splendid as it releases almost 11,000 gallons of water each minute. The resultant cooling mist you experience while here saves you from enduring the dreadful heat wave.

Discovery Green

The Discovery Green 12-acre park has a very central location making it easy to access.  Its mist tree, Gateway fountain, indoor activities, restaurants, and cooling lake, are what make it a deserving Houston cool find. There is even a dog park here where your pet can cool off and stay active.

Houston also offers some underground entertainment in downtown tunnels that provide cool comfort. Even at 20 feet below ground level, you have access to six miles of retail shops, movie theaters, and restaurants.

Take your pick from the above list of fascinating and cooling getaways and head over there with family and friends. For respite from inflating utility bills, scan the Shop Texas Electricity site and choose a plan that encourages savings.

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