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Low-Cost DIY Hacks on How to Reduce Electricity Bills in Summer

April 14, 2021
by dmirza
reduce electricity bills

Warm weather need not contribute to a spike in utility bills if you focus on energy conservation. The most effective measures of how to reduce electricity bills do not need you to invest significant time and money. Take a pledge to lower your energy consumption and add to your savings this summer.

Low-Cost Hacks to Reduce Electricity Bills

Comfortable living in summer without spending extra on electricity is achievable with these easy to do DIY projects for your home:

Wash a Full Load and Air Dry

Whenever you intend to use your washing machine or dishwasher operate it only when you have a full load to wash. You can use cold water for your laundry and take advantage of solar energy to air dry your clothes. 

Dryers consume excessive amounts of energy and their usage does not help reduce electricity bills. Your electric dishwasher has a ‘heat dry’ setting which you can turn off and allow your dishes to air dry. Why spend on appliance-generated heat air when natural air is free?

Seal Air Leaks

Use readily available weather strips to tightly seal even tiny gaps and cracks around your doors and windows. Among the effective and cheap DIY projects for your home is weather stripping. It blocks the cool air from escaping and warm summer heat from entering your home.

Operate Your Ceiling Fan

Using your ceiling fan in summer lowers the pressure on your air conditioning unit and effectively reduce electricity bills. With the fan on, your room will feel cooler but, ensure you turn it off when you exit the space.

You can use your fan in combination with your AC by lowering the latter’s thermostat. At night when the air is cooler outside, you may consider keeping your windows open, AC off, and fan operational.

Plant a Green Cover

The greenery around your home keeps your interiors shady and utility bills low. Planting evergreen shrubs close to your home’s foundation safeguards you from the unbearable summer heat. Trees prevent the sun’s harsh rays from beating into your home thereby, keeping your residential abode cooler.

Install Blinds and Drapes

Covering windows prone to most exposure from the sun’s rays with drapes and blinds makes your home comfortable. Your indoor space will not trap heat with these provisions as they block the sun out.

Pull your blinds down and close your drapes when the sun is strong. Your indoor heat gain considerably reduces up to 45% by using blinds and around 33% with the inclusion of drapes.

Reduce Electricity Bills With Shop Texas Electricity

Smart lifestyle changes do significantly contribute to cooling your home in summer without causing your monthly outgoings to surge. Besides, you can also switch your energy supplier by comparing the electricity plans on offer.

Grab the most attractive deal on Shop Texas Electricity and give a boost to your annual savings.

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  1. April 15, 2021

    This is a great idea about how to reduce bills during summers, Most of time i used to switch off unnecessary things like charging cable, bulb, fans etc. I used to off fans while ac is on in the room area. Love to read your blog, subscribed your blog.

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