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Must-Have Essential Home Safety Items to Buy Now

March 24, 2021
by dmirza
Essential Home Safety Items

No matter how meticulous you are at every moment, accidents may happen around the house. Kids or pets can trip or pull at cords and cables and cause you to trip.

Worse still – they can lead to home electric fires.

You can prevent all of these with essential home safety items and a little forethought.

Essential Home Safety Items to Get

Here are the top four must-have pieces of safety equipment at home:

1.    First Aid Kit

When unwarranted things occur and you sustain injuries, a first aid kit can help.

You can administer basic medical care to those in need until emergency staff or first-responders arrive.

Keep a pre-stocked kit that consists of tweezers, bandages, adhesive tape, ointments, gauze, etc. The main point is that you don’t have to fidget or scour the junk drawers under stress.

Have the first aid kit supplies updated, organized, and well within your reach. It is also wise to get CPR lessons, Heimlich maneuver, and similar life-saving techniques.  

2.    Fire Extinguisher

The essential home safety items list is incomplete without a fire extinguisher. Fire can start in several areas of your home.

The kitchen, for example, is an obvious area, with stoves, ovens, and other appliances running. But an incompletely put-out candle, combustibles, or even an overheated smartphone can get ignited suddenly.

When there are fans and AC ducts working, air flows freely and can amplify the fire.

It can spread through the house before you realize its extent. In such cases, a fire extinguisher douses the flames quickly but be sure that everyone knows how to use it.

3.    Smoke Detectors

Suppose you are incapable of calling for help or using a fire extinguisher.

For instance, you are away or asleep when a fire starts. Or, you had left the car engine running in the garage, and the fumes spread throughout the home.

Smoke detectors are essential home safety items that help save lives in such situations.

Modern smoke alarms come in combination with carbon monoxide sensing capabilities; so, you don’t have to worry about buying multiple devices for these purposes.

Buy a smoke detector for each room, and test the functioning periodically.

4.    Outlet Covers

As mentioned above, pets like to chew on stuff, and if the wires get frayed, someone can get electrocuted.

Or, kids may get curious and put their fingers inside power outlets. Such accidents pose a high risk of burns, shocks, and other injuries.

So, cover unused outlets with electrical safety equipment at home. Organize your electric wires, power cords, cables, etc., properly to prevent unforeseen incidents.

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Having these essential home safety items can help you avoid fatal incidents but cannot protect you from unusually high electric bills.

Update your electric plan to suit your current needs by comparing energy rates today!

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