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No More Overpaying on Your Electricity Bill

July 15, 2016
by dmirza

Summer months in Texas can be some of the toughest months when it comes to paying for electricity. Everyone wants to stay cool inside their homes, while still doing what they can to save on electricity. In order for you to keep cool but still saving you money on your energy bill, here is a compiled list of simple steps to making sure you use less, without giving up a comfortable lifestyle.

  1. If your home has central air conditioning, make sure the first thing you do is clean the debris, such as leaves and other garbage that might have collected.
  1. Do not cool rooms that are not being used. Keep the registers and doors closed in order to cool the rooms you are using faster and save energy too.
  1. Always turn off the hot water when you are not using it. Reduce the amount of water you use when brushing your teeth, or shaving.
  1. If you have a dishwasher, only use it with full loads and be sure to set it to the shortest cycle in order to save water and energy.
  1. Consider baking multiple meals, or an extra dish in the oven once you are already planning to use it. You save energy and time in the long run, and you will also avoid heating up your home for your AC to cool down later.
  1. Keep your freezer full. In order to save energy, bear in mind that frozen food stays cold longer than air. So without over packing in your freezer, keep food or water in it for everything to stay cool longer but without using up so much energy.
  1. When it comes to lighting, almost everyone now knows to switch to CFL lights. But in case you need a reason to switch, these Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs use up to 75% less energy than the standard bulbs. You should also consider having dimmer switches to save on lighting when you need it.
  1. Keep furniture, drapes and carpeting away from air vents since they can block air from cooling your rooms.
  1. During the early mornings, or evenings it is a good idea to open the windows to let cool air circulate and help cut out some air conditioning usage.
  2. Keep your home insulated, this helps year round. Keeping your home insulated in the summer will keep the heat out and let your home stay cool longer.

Don’t let summer heat limit you from enjoying your comfortable home. Reduce your electricity bill with these useful tips and if you find you still are not saving as much as you would like, consider switching providers. Energy rates change regularly and providers are constantly trying to give you competitive deals for you to switch and save on electricity. We help provide you with a list of electricity providers designed to meet your home’s electricity needs. Visit our website and remove the stress of electricity shopping. Being saving on your electric bill by following our tips and ensuring you are shopping smart for electricity.

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