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Quick Energy Efficiency Tips for the Workplace

November 29, 2012
by admin

Did you know that electricity costs contribute a major element to your business’s financial expenses? If not, it’s time to take note and save energy at the workplace. Remember – by saving more energy, you will end up saving your business some precious dollars, which would make your business more profitable. Here are some quick tips that can make your workplace more energy-efficient:


Office equipment

Make intelligent investments like:

  • Buying ENERGY STAR models of computers, printers, monitors, copiers, and fax machines, which shut down automatically after a specific period of inactivity, will help you save energy.
  • Where possible, encourage the use of laptops as they consume almost 90% less energy as compared to standard desktop computers.
  • Encourage the usage of inkjet printers, if appropriate, because they use less energy as compared to laser printers.
  • Select the right sized copier as buying one bigger than what you need will increase your electricity bills unnecessarily.


Bring small changes such as:

  • Use emails rather than using electricity for faxing documents or to copy and send memos.
  • At the end of each working day, make sure to switch off the lights, computers, monitors, copiers, and printers. Where turning off the whole computer isn’t possible, you can turn off the printer and the monitor.



  • Bring small changes like turning off the lights and signs when not required, cleaning dusty lamps and diffusers every 6-12 months etc.
  • Replace incandescent lamps with CFLs that give the same lighting output but use less electricity.
  • Set up motion detectors to control lighting in areas like copy rooms and restrooms that are often unoccupied.
  • Install EMS (energy management system) technology for automatic control of your lighting systems.


Ventilation, heating, and air conditioning

  • Use small steps to save energy like turning off the air conditioning during the last hour of each work day; closing shades during late evening and early morning to decrease heat gain from the sun; cleaning condenser coils and replacing filters regularly etc.
  • Low cost improvements like carrying out regular checks on ducts and pipe insulation to locate damage, conducting maintenance work on units, using programmable thermostats to maximize your air conditioning unit’s efficiency etc can also help in controlling rising electricity bills.

You should also make sure that your compressed air systems, cooling and refrigeration systems are all working at the optimum level and not guzzling electricity. You may even think about installing solar power systems at your workplace to help the environment and bring down your electricity bills.

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