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Recycle and Reuse: Why We Need to Make the Effort

July 26, 2018
by dmirza

recycleHave you stopped to think about just how much waste humans put into the environment every day? The planet contains billions of people, and each of those people contributes to dirtying the earth and generating an amazing amount of trash and refuse daily. If we didn’t recycle, the impact of all of this waste would be overwhelming. While there are some people out there who still, for some reason, can’t see the benefit of recycling, most are starting to do their part and try to live a greener life.

Whether you are recycling at home or you are trying to start a program at work that helps to recycle, you will find that there are quite a few benefits to doing so. Let’s look at those benefits, and then look at some of the ways that you will be able to do your part.

Benefits of Recycling

When you recycle, you are going to be saving natural resources and wild areas around the world. Recycling means that we can reuse and re-purpose some of the goods already in existence so that there is no need to take more of the nonrenewable goods from the environment. In addition, recycling is going to help reduce pollution. You are also saving energy when recycling. Consider all of the energy expenditure that it would take to make new products from raw materials. Using recycled materials is going to reduce the time and energy that it takes to create goods.

When you recycle, you are also going to be conserving space in landfills. Whenever anything has to go into a landfill, it is going to take up space, and it can take many years – sometimes thousands of years – for some materials to break down in a landfill. By recycling, we will have more space in these areas, and it helps to keep toxic chemicals out of the landfills and groundwater.

Something that many people do not even consider when it comes to recycling is the fact that it is an industry that has the potential to create quite a few jobs. If more people were recycling, it would cause a rise in the need for jobs around the country, and this would help the overall economy.

Starting to Recycle

It’s not hard to start recycling. Simply having a bag for bottles, cans, and glass, and taking them to a local recycling center is a start. You can recycle paper and other goods as well. It is also possible to take some of the old items that you have and donate them rather than filling up a landfill with items that could have a new life elsewhere.

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