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Renewable Energy Solutions for Texas Electricity

April 6, 2011

The American Recovery and Re-investment Act of 2009 signed by President Obama on February 2009 gave emphasis on creating more green jobs and a wider deployment scope for renewable energy. Small businesses as well as consumers can enjoy up to 30 percent tax liability deductions for renewable energy installations such as wind turbines or home solar panel systems that can generate enough electricity to power a typical Texas home.

The use of renewable energy not only reduces your Texas electricity bills but it also reduces your carbon footprint. While solar energy and wind turbines are the most common choices available today, these are not the only options available for Texas consumers and they have the options to choose the green energy programs and plans that would suit their environments right now.

Your Power to Select Renewable Energy Choices


When the Texas electricity market was deregulated in 2002, it did not only provide the people of Texas the option to select cheap electricity choices among the competing retail electric providers, but it also provided consumers the option to select renewable energy solutions. Deregulation not only broke up the utility monopolies and prompted providers with the competitive atmosphere that provided consumers with better prices and better quality, but it also paved the way for providers to harness renewable energy sources to generate Texas electricity.

Now, Texas electricity plans using renewable energy are made available to the Texas consumer. The prices of these electricity plans are now made more competitive compared to traditional energy sources, and in many cases green plans have become more affordable.

Renewable Energy Solutions for Texas Communities

The generation of Texas electricity from environmental friendly energy resources has become more efficient and reliable over the years. Such renewable sources include biomass, wind energy, hydroelectric, solar power and hydrogen fuel cells. Energy providers purchase Renewable Energy Credits or RECs, each of which represents Texas electricity generated from these alternative resources. This ensures that your electricity plan is using energy purchased from renewable sources.

When choosing a retail electric provider, select a provider that offers renewable energy plans, such as energy choices offering 100% renewable energy coming from wind farms. With such choices, you can take control and be assured that you are contributing to the protection of the environment and playing your part towards a cleaner and greener State of Texas.

Renewable Energy Plans Available

Texas consumers however, should clearly understand that there are no one-size-fits-all renewable energy plans available as there are varied green energy solutions that can fit every need of the Texas consumer.  Some of these green Texas electricity options available include:

* Fixed Rate Plans – with these plans, Texas electricity rates are fixed or locked according to a specific period. This is a good protection during times when rates fluctuate or rise suddenly. Plans can be locked from 6 months to as long as two years.

* Variable Rate – unlike a fixed-rate plan, variable rate plans have rates that vary each month depending on the state of the energy market. This plan is good when energy prices decline allowing you to enjoy low rates. Another advantage is that it can allow you to change providers without incurring any penalties that are typical in fixed rate plans.

* Partial or 100% Renewable Energy – aside from the payment plans, you can also choose between Texas electricity plans that offer partial renewable energy mix from as low as 10% to as high as 100% energy coming from renewable sources.

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