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Save Energy: 5 Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Energy Conservation

January 25, 2021
by dmirza
Light Bulb and Plug Made from Playdoh


Children today are not aware of how to save energy and that is understandable to an extent. Growing up around Alexa and Siri, they might not know about the hardships that many adults have had to face during periods of no electricity.

The fact is that electricity conservation is more important than ever. So, teach children about its importance and the environmental impact from an early age. It will help them to appreciate electricity more and do their part in saving it.

Here are five fun ways of teaching children how to save energy.

Conduct Experiments

There is a reason why children love to do their school science projects. Seeing things before their eyes help them to learn better. Conduct small experiments like taking the children out for a run. When they are tired and refuse to go anymore, tell them it is the same with electricity. If they use all the energy at once, they wouldn’t have any more for later.

No-electricity Night

This might seem like a difficult task at first, but it is one of the most effective way to save energy. Fix a night of the week when you will shut down all electricity usage for a couple of hours. Make sure that the children are not scared by the darkness and make an exotic night of it with candles or an outdoor bonfire.

While it is fun, at the same time, tell your children that this is how things would be if there was no electricity in the future. Make them experience a world without any gadgets or appliances lights or fans. This method always manages to create an impact.

Make Them Compete to Save Energy

Tell your children that whoever saves more energy at the end of the week, will get a special treat! This includes switching off lights and fans when not in use and charging gadgets minimally. Ask them to keep track of how much electricity they have saved through an app. By doing this every week, you are going to see a significant reduction in energy consumption.

Money Matters

Nothing excites children more than getting more pocket money! Make them a part of your family budget execution as you look for monthly plans to save energy and switch to energy efficient upgrades. Tell them they would get a percentage of the amount they save that month from electricity bills by conserving electricity. Be assured that you probably won’t even have to remind them anymore about switching off lights, fans, or gadgets!

Watching Informational Content

When the children enjoy their screen time, make sure they watch some informational content on sustainable living and saving energy. Children are way more creative than adults. So, simply telling them about saving a particular number of watts each week might not get the message across.

However, if they see movies about deforestation, how mining for fossil fuel destroys the ecosystem, or how factories and power stations emit smoke while burning coal, it creates a much greater impact on their impressionable young minds. They get to watch TV but learn how to save energy too.

If every family starts incorporating these ideas in their kids, it is possible to create a generation who will be more inclined towards sustainable living, eager on doing their bit for saving the planet.

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