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Save Money with Energy Efficient Hot Water Pipes

March 5, 2021
by dmirza
hot water pipes

Insulating your hot water pipes makes them energy efficient and saves you money in the long-run. As water travels from your heater through insulated pipes to the dishwasher or shower, it loses minimal energy.

Moreover, professionally insulated hot water pipes save you from potential damage when temperatures drop considerably. Insulation prevents pipes from bursting in cold conditions. It also saves you from massive water wastage and costly home repairs.

Understanding the Science

Even when your heater works at a higher temperature, the water you receive at the outlet is often cooler. As hot water travels through pipes, it loses heat, especially when the distance is more. An energy-saving water heater and pipes reduce efficiency loss.

You can set your heater to a lower temperature and cut down on your energy consumption. Insulating hot water pipes enables a faster supply of heated water. That’s because even between usages, these pipes do not cool off quickly. When water freezes, it expands. But, energy-efficient pipes are not likely to burst in such a scenario.

Energy and Cost Saving Practices

A large chunk of your residential energy consumption is due to water heating systems. With these energy-efficient upgrades, you save energy and reduce your monthly utility outgoings.

Invest in energy-saving water heater devices. Insulating their corresponding pipes guarantees favorable returns. Simply executed and inexpensive insulation makes pipes energy-efficient. You will also monetarily benefit from this process. Here’s how your expenses fall:

Saves Energy

Smart heating systems do not have to work doubly hard with insulated pipes. You can set your device at a lower temperature when using an energy-saving water heater. It reduces your consumption over the long term.

The hot water you receive through insulated pipes will be of an equivalent temperature. In the absence of insulation, your heating system consumes more energy due to a higher temperature setting.

Saves Water

By insulating your pipes, you receive hot water from the outlet faucet much faster. As water travels through the insulated channel, it does not cool off even when transported over a longer route.

The stagnant water in the pipes does not go to waste as the insulation maintains a desirable temperature. Otherwise, in an attempt to get the maximum from your hot water pipes, this natural resource is wasted to a great extent. When your water consumption reduces, the subsequent bill is also much lower.

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